Contra: Rogue Corps will get free content updates after launch

Free missions and weapons incoming

We already know that Contra: Rogue Corps is going to get some paid DLC, but it turns out there will be some free content coming as well. Director Nobuya Nakazato has stated that free post-launch updates are coming, and they will include both more missions and weapons. Those will go along with the added ability of going beyond the current level cap. No exact date was given for this content, other than post-launch.

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Sun Sep 22 19 01:17am
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Ehh...you can't polish a turd. The demo absolutely convinced me to not buy this game.

Actually it is quite possible to do such... I mean look at Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Online.

Sure this might not be what some people are expecting but it’s still Contra and post content will probably make sure the party doesn’t stop.

This game isn't a "live service" like those games are. What you see is what you get here. You can't dress it up and expect it to shine. Not without literally replacing the game with a different game.


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