Nintendo hits its 130th anniversary

From love hotels to video games

We may be living in Sept. 22nd, 2019 over here in the states, but Japan is living in the future on Sept. 23rd, 2019. That means over in its native land, Nintendo is celebrating its 130th anniversary! While most may know Nintendo for their work in video games, the Big N had their hands in all sorts of other businesses before they got to their bread-and-butter. Here's to another 130 years for Nintendo, and hopefully all of them will be video game-filled!

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Sun Sep 22 19 04:48pm
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Here's to 130 years of doom.

Sun Sep 22 19 04:48pm
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Here's to 130 years of doom.

Sun Sep 22 19 04:56pm
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Happy birthday Nintendo! Now to celenrate, how about giving us a 50% discount on games we want to buy?

Sun Sep 22 19 05:02pm
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Ha ha. How about instead on your birthday you get a 30% discount on games you probably already own.

This hurts me in my soul

Good one...Well atleast they now made those games free with their subscription service.

Happy Birthday, Nintendo! Here's to many more years of fun.

Hmm. Mario. That pose...

Happy Birthday, Nintendo!

You know, in hindsight, having this as a reminder that Nintendo wasn't always a video game company first and foremost will reassure myself once Furukawa is ready to acquiesce that foreboding hypothetical he boldy mentioned in passing of Nintendo today potentially moving on from video games at some point in the future. All these movie licensing and theme park deals does sure seem to be pointing towards that...

Funny one. But the only way Nintendo would abandon the gaming market is if the gaming market itself was to crumble. And from the looks of it that ain't happening anytime soon.

I have also seen people saying that Ninty will go handheld only, which is another funny one since they home console market is HUGE!


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