Susanoo being added to Fight of Gods

Ruler of the sea of Japan

Fight of God is getting a new fighter. Susanoo has been revealed for the game, and while he's now available for the Steam version of the game, we're not sure when he'll make his debut in the Switch version. For now, check out a complete rundown of the character below.

Susanoo is third children of Izanagi and Izanami (The Gods who created Japan). According to Japanese mythology, Amaterasu is his older sister. Susanoo ’personality was unstable, he was brutal, sensitive and sometimes was very brave. The most well-know story was he manage to kill the giant monster eight head snake, “Yamata no Orochi” or “Orochi” for short. Susanoo also represent the God of Storm because of he’s varied moods. He was assigned to rule the Sea of Japan, that means he is also the God of ocean.

Susanoo is a wild character in Fight of Gods, He has several unique movements, the first one is on hold charge attack, by holding the button for a while and release it, the attack distance will be longer than normal and has higher damage too. The second one is dive kick in the air, it can be chain in the combo or use it as a tactical option to against your opponent. Thirdly, the tsunami can be cancelled jump after on hit to increase the variety of how Susanoo performed.nnIn overall, Susanoo’s movement is a little bit slow, but most of his skills all comes with slightly movement, once Susanoo hits the opponent, it should be easily to perform some combo with strong damages.

Divine Power: Sword of Kusanagi

Susanoo cam summon Kusanagi (The legendary Sword he discovered after kill the Orochi) as his second sword until the round ends, it will change the status of heavy attack and all of his moves. However, Susanoo’s divine power meter fill slower than average, the sword maybe powerful but player still needs to pay attention on a good timing to fight back.

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