Fortnite July 2019 player spend shows revenue down 52% compared to last year

Still bringing in the V-bucks, but not quite as much

There's no doubt Fortnite is still hugely popular, but it's not quite what it was. A new report from Edison Trends gives us a look at how the game performed in July 2019, and you can get the full details below.

- July 2019 down nearly 75% from its December 2018 peak
- down 52% compared to the previous year's July
- V-bucks accounted for 83% of money spent in Fortnite
- the remaining amounts are made up of bundles and "other" offerings
- repeat customer rates for Fortnite in July were at 49%

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I played and spent the exact same amount as in 2018... 0 hours and 0 dollars

A 52% drop from 0 is 0, so you are definitely confirming what the story says!

No, kind person. You are attempting to break the laws of Mathematics. Please explain how one goes about dividing 0 by 0

I’m not, good sir. I am actually multiplying 0 by (1 − .52), which corresponds to a 52% drop.

First of all, any percentage is a representation of a fraction, which implies a number divided by another. In my case 0 by 0, turning your argument false.
Secondly, there's literally an infinite amount of numbers which multiplied by zero will equal zero. And yet you believe only one of them has more significance than infinite?
Now we're not only killing basic math, but also statistics... I'm experiencing physical pain at this point...

Tue Oct 01 19 07:24pm
(Updated 2 times)

A percentage is a representation of a fraction, yes it’s true, and the fraction in our case is 52/100.
Removing 52% means removing 52/100 multiplied by the original number (which, in our case, is zero).
By no means we are dividing anything by zero here.

Since I’m a computer engineer, I think you can trust me on that.

Also, you can watch this video which explains it very well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVeXpIfgzPI

My initial comment was meant as a joke, but oh well.

The fraction used to calculate the apparent demise of Fortnite is equivalent to 52/100. On that we can agree.
How was it calculated? Amount of money in 2018 divided by amount of money in 2019.
Now, we have to apply the same logic to my numbers, which are zero and zero, respectively. They lead to 0 divided by 0, which in arithmetic is meaningless.
If you fail to use the same logic to compare processes your conclusion is faulty. I'm an Industrial Engineer with an MBA focused on Operational Management, you can trust me on that.

You may have attempted to make a joke in your initial comment. However, I don't see any indication of that. There are too many morons online saying it was a joke after the fact just because it's text. I'm not saying you're one of them, but how can one tell the difference?

My brain is going to explode you smart math people.

Jumpmanfr is right.

Civil Engineer and former math teacher here, take my word.

I don't think I will ;)
He at least had arguments

Wed Oct 02 19 04:49am
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OK now I see your point.
But you definitely don’t see mine.

I wasn’t trying to compute the percentage change from 0 to 0 and expect it would be 52%. I was just saying that when you go down 52% from 0, the outcome is 0. I think we can agree on that, right? 0 is 48% of zero. Admittedly, we can also state that 0 is third of zero, and that 0 is also half of zero, and also double of zero. All of that is valid. Right?

And that’s the funny part (or at least, trying to be funny) from my initial comment, because from zero you can state a lot of valid things even though those aren’t saying much actually. My comment was meant to be pure logic without much concrete meaning in it, and that was the joke.

But of course, whenever you try to compute THE percentage change from 0 to 0, you cannot, because THAT would be dividing 0 by 0.

That said, I never thought I would deal with someone so suspicious, and I never expected I’d have to justify everything I said with lengthy lines of argument. Even though I may have sounded rude sometimes, but that was not intended, I’m just a French guy not very used to doing complex debates on technical things entirely in English (yeah, people are very conservative in France in terms of speaking English, even in college and higher education), with someone who unexpectedly puts pressure on me to justify myself not saying nonsense and not being a "moron".

No offense, man! Please just relax and try to understand what I meant in the first place.

Now that you've gone into detail it made it easier to understand your view. English is also not my mother tongue, so we have that in common. I have had the pleasure of working in France on a consulting project and you have handled yourself far better than the Frenchman I had to work with, so congratulations on that.

As for me being suspicious, I have to handle (on a daily basis) with people who say whatever they want without any basis or sarcasm. I have to deal with some of the stupidest things from all sorts of people, from the wildest conspiracy theories to colleagues saying they don't vaccinate their kids because they don't want to see their kids crying. So, forgive me for being suspicious, but if I'm not I just might lose my sanity.

"But of course, whenever you try to compute THE percentage change from 0 to 0, you cannot, because THAT would be dividing 0 by 0."
And on that we agree 100%, even with so called math teachers showing up to say otherwise

"Congratulations, you’re not as dumb as your countrymen"

Well, thank you I guess. Talk about compliments!

No matter what people say (or write), the other will acquire the information they are seeking. I had a nasty experience with someone from France, then I had a much better one. If you decide to see the glass half empty (or poisoned for that matter), that's on you. You're the one drinking it.

Well, the fact you’re congratulating me basically means I am the exception, and they are the rule.

Let's try again... (deep breath)... I worked with one Frenchman... one...un... ein... uno... um... 1
And you're another interaction... again, 1
I have not in any way, shape, or form mentioned (let alone insulted) the other 67 million inhabitants of your country.
I have also not mentioned my other (other implying not you and the guy I had to work with) interactions with people from France, which were all positive except for one. I had an amazing time in Marseille and my only regret is that I had only one day to walk through Paris, but even then I made the most of it. And even with my limited knowledge of the French language, I was able to establish communication and people were happy to help me get to where I wanted to go. Again, there was one exception, but there always are.
I am now curious to know how you will twist my praise of the French people I have interacted with and the places I have visited into something bad... please, go full Fox News on your reply

Then why are you congratulating me for being different from that guy who isn’t representative of anything and doesn’t have anything to do with me except for the fact he’s French?
Well, maybe I’m seing the glass half empty or "going Fox News" because of the way I felt I was considered in the first place…

I mentioned you handled yourself better than him. Unlike stereotypes, there are several studies that have determined certain atributes to different cultures and how they interact with one another. What that means is that on average the French tend to be a certain way, the Germans another, the Japanese another, the Brazilians another, so on and so forth. So, if I am going to compare a French person with someone else, it is much more statistically significant to compare them (him or her) with another French person.
Another example, if you want to talk about sales results and you assess the new iPhone, you will likely compare it with the previous models or similar phones, and NOT TVs or printers.

Now... are there exceptions to the results found in the studies? Most certainly. But as guidelines for conducting business and interacting across borders, it is most effective. In case you'd be inclined to learn more, here's a great starting point:


P.S.: If you minded being congratulated for showing better behaviour than someone else, I'm sorry. I was under the assumption that people enjoyed it. I apologize.

I don’t need to be lectured on basic things like cultural behaviour, thanks.
Still, like I said, you think you can deduce a French cultural behaviour based on just one guy. That’s wrong.
So yeah, in that case I don’t appreciate being congratulated by you under such circonstances. Apologies accepted.

More power to you then, mate. I was simply extending an olive branch and trying to share a book that I throughly enjoying studying. But it's your loss.
I never said that I had deduced the French cultural behaviour from one guy. You may have skipped what I said about all the other people I interacted with. They were all lovely and extremely welcoming, you could learn a thing or two from them.
Also ,if you believe that cultural behaviour is such a simple matter to the point of calling it basic, you're missing on a lot of money. There are hundreds of companies spending millions of dollars on exactly that. Go out there! Give lectures! Write books! Get rich! Because the few people I have met who believe it to be easy, sucked at it. My international business professor on the other hand, called it one of the best skills a business person could have.
But let me give you a test, oh incredibly knowledgable one, if you're so good at it, where am I from?

Thu Oct 03 19 02:36am
(Updated 1 time)

You are putting what I say out of context and giving it a different meaning. Cultural behaviour isn’t a "simple matter" in the way it works, that’s not what I said. But, the fact it exists is basic, in the sense that it is common knowledge and I didn’t need you to know that. You absolutely know that’s what I meant, but you’re playing on words to purposefully give them a different meaning that you can easily refute.
I have enough of this and the fact you are ending every comment of yours in a sarcastic manner. Please stop it.
I already saw you were from Brazil.

When you do it, it's a joke. When I do, it isn't. Fair enough. Just for future reference, for some people (myself) included, when you say you don't need to be lectured on something, they can get the idea it is because you know it all too well.
I'd never do what you did. I know that The Netherlands exists, but I'd never say I don't need to be lectured on it, because I certainly could. There's plenty of stuff about them that I do not know, but would be fascinated to find out.
Also, I may have ended them being sarcastic, but you started yours with your nose so high up in the air, you could easily have tripped and hurt yourself.
And to finish... you saw I am from Brazil... that's just cheating. I'm disappointed Sad

Nothing lasts forever, and they have gottn a lot of competition lately,so perhaps not a surprise. eh?

Tue Oct 01 19 07:37pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

It's not the competition. Fortnite is on various platforms including Nintendo Switch while the competition is only limited to either mobile, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Fortnite is dying because of ridiculous changes the devs keep making while ignoring long term fans.

Every so often the devs would introduce gimmicks to give newbie players a chance to compete for Victory Royales only to find the changes are completely game breaking. This is not the only occurance, but the current rage this season is the introduction of the BRUTE mechs that can easily mow down teams if you get a pair a competent players to man the mech (one as driver and the other for weapons assault).

If a newbie gets ahold of a mech with a more experienced teammate or if two newbies get together in mech, the newbies are going to get free kills because of how overpowered the mechs are. A lot of long time fans and streamers aren't playing Fortnite much or if at all so as a result so the game is dying.

From all you wrote, it's very obvious I haven't played this game much. Hehe

Wed Oct 02 19 07:57am
(Updated 1 time)

To be honest, I haven't played much since the introduction of Playgrounds mode on Switch. I couldn't figure out how to build quickly with console controls and despite the recent attempt at nerfing cranking 90s (a core complaint that still happens to this date -- it's far too easy to spam apartment complexes to defend yourself on PC), you still need to be able to build quickly to survive out there.

I've been keeping up with stuff by way of watching YouTubers, but even the YouTubers aren't playing Fortnite much these days outside of exploiting glitches or trolling other players.

Excellent! They have been using that money to buy a monopoly on PC. Buying out exclusivity on every single major release from a publisher they can convince to sell out. Tim Sweeney has even stated that devs should be the one to decide what PC platform gamers use, not the gamers. The guy is disgusting. Steam may have gotten exclusives, but they have only ever given money to new small indie devs to help them make their dreams comes true. Valve doesn't believe in buying exclusives from big publishers that already make massive profits.

What goes up must come down, but the fact that December 2018 was the most recent peak does mean you shouldn't count it out yet. The game's over two years old and its peak was less than a year ago. Not to mention, one random month may not be indicative of the big picture.

That said, it'd be nice to not read as many stories about Fortnite. 😅

Since this was July they're covering, it's not gonna account for the massive upswing from borderlands and batman being in fortnite.


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