Mario Kart Tour hits 90 million downloads in its first week, fastest mobile game launch for Nintendo ever

A major success

Mario Kart is one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, if not the biggest in terms of expanded audience potential. That is really proving true with the release of Mario Kart Tour on mobile. Sensor Tower has a report from the game's first week, and the results are nothing short of stellar.

- 90 million unique downloads in its first week
- Nintendo’s fastest mobile game launch in its history
- six times greater than the company’s second best launch, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
- Mario Kart Tour has taken third place in terms of spending with $12.7 million
- Android has proven the most popular platform for Mario Kart Tour, picking 53.5 million downloads, or 59.5 percent
- the game generated 36.5 million downloads on iOS
- App Store players represented the majority of gross revenue spending $9.6 million, or 75.5 percent
- this is compared to Google Play users’ $3.1 million, or 24.5 percent
- this gives Mario Kart Tour a revenue per download of $0.26 on iOS, compared to $0.06 on Android
- United States accounted for 13.2 million downloads, or 14.7 percent
- this was followed by Brazil with 10.7 million, or 11.8 percent, and Mexico with 5.8 million, or 6.4 percent
- United States lead the way in revenue, accounting for $5.8 million or 45.4 percent of the total
- Japan finished the week just behind with $4 million in player spend, or 31.3 percent
- France came third with $752k, or 6.4 percen

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Untitled Gross Game?

Certainly is gross revenue, because it's a GROSS GAME!!!
...I'll show myself out.

Untitled Gross Game?

Man this is depressing. The game is extremely mediocre and gross with all the gotcha mechanics, lootboxes, microtransactions. Which is a shame because this game has a lot going for it and all the cool stuff (Double Dash items, Pauline and Diddy being back, classic Karts) should be added as either DLC to MK8D or for the next mainline console MK game (which is hopefully coming soon to wash the taste of Tour out of our mouths).

We'll see how the revenue continues. Popular IP so there were a lot of people to download it

I agree. I'm hoping interest in this game (and revenue) drops like a rock and they're forced to retool it. I like the idea of Mario Kart mobile game, but I enjoy very little about this game.

I wouldn't hold my breath for the next Mario Kart. 8 Deluxe is usually Nintendo's best selling game each quarter apart from new releases and the holiday quarter of 2018 it sold over 3 million units. Nintendo has no financial incentive to spend money on a new Switch Mario Kart. I just wish they would at least make some DLC.

I hope Furukawa is pleased with himself. He has an ice breaker to whip out now during the next shareholders meeting.

"A major success?' Not so fast, I'm sure Bloomberg would like to have a word with you!

Thu Oct 03 19 03:21am
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People speak with their wallets, and they didn't speak much about Mario Run's formula so we got this.

Well the game is free so what do you guys expect? At least Nintendo isn't behind times now am I rite?

The game is fun, and I havent spent anything. That's cool if you don't like it, but there's nothing wrong with the "pay if you want to" model. And yes I have put several hours into the game, and have experienced the breadth of its mechanics

I don’t find the gameplay much fun to be honest. And it’s not like you’re even racing real people. Once a race loads you can go on Airplane mode and race away. You’re racing a computer.


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