ESRB lists rating for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger on Switch

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All the way back in May of 2019, we shared a rumor of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger making its way to Switch. Absolutely nothing about that rumor came up for months and months, but today we have confirmation that it was true. The ESRB has posted a rating for Call of Juarez: Gunslinger on Switch, which shows that the game is on its way soon. Expect an official announcement any day now.

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This reminded me more of how I want a Red Steel 3 for Switch (or at least an HD RS2 port).

I'm starting to doubt the joycon gyro is up to the task of handling games like RS2 and Skyward Sword, it all too easily loses focus and screws up movements in Okami HD in ways that I know wouldn't be a problem with the Wiimote.

I wish Nintendo would just add backwards compatibility with the Wiimote for this kind of thing.

With RS2 I can get your point since it used the Wiimote IR pointer, but Zelda SS didn't use it at all, just gyro, so that could still get ported.

I haven't played Okami Switch yet, but I guess there's a lot of calibrating...?

Wed Oct 09 19 12:18pm
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I'm specifically referring to the gyro, which RS2 very much does use for its swordplay, just like Skyward Sword. I mean it's not as complex as SS, but it still requires every movement to register to not break the gameplay, and the joycons seem really good at dropping or messing up input when the gyro is being used with a lot of rapid movements.

Okami on Switch in docked mode uses gyro for drawing on screen and when it works it works really damn well, but, there have been many moments where it's simply not working properly, not sure if it's to do with joycons losing signal to the console or just weak response from the tiny gyro, but sometimes it just gets wonky and imprecise.

Wed Oct 09 19 06:30pm
Rating: 1

ISn't the gyro in the JCs supposed to be better than the WM+? It feels pretty good from my experience so far. Odd. Perhaps it has something with, as you say, rapid movements. Or perhaps it's a programming thing.. Domn't know.

I'll be getting Okami for Switch in any case, but thanks for telling me this. Yeah, the IR pointer is better than gyros, that's for sure.

Oh well... A RS3 for Switch then =)


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