Enchanted Portals hoping to release on Switch with Kickstarter support

Slightly inspired by Cuphead

Bob and Penny are two rookie magicians stuck between dimensions who will have to face numerous dangers in order to retrieve the pages of the Magic Book and be able to return home safely.

The players must join forces and use a wide arsenal of stylish moves and magic spells to fight their way through a series of battles against an ensemble of wacky yet powerful bosses.

Enchanted Portals has a visual style very similar to that of classic animated cartoons of the 1930s and popularized by Cuphead, with fluid, expressive frame-by-frame animation and a thrilling dynamic soundtrack that morphs and adapts to the action on screen.

If Enchanted Portals comes to Switch, it'll be thanks to Kickstarter success. A Kickstarter for the game is set to launch on Oct. 24th, 2019, and we'll be sure to link you to it once it's live.

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Yeah, "slightly" inspired by Cuphead, huh...

Hah! Wow, that’s brazen. Sincerest form of flattery, I suppose. It does look fun to play. Because, Cuphead is fun to play.


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