Famitsu reveals the results of their Fire Emblem: Three Houses character poll

The results are in!

This week's issue of Famitsu has revealed the results of their character poll for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The poll includes answers from 3,492 readers, and the top 20 male and female characters can be read below.

Male Character Poll

Dimitri (1,335)
Claude (1,249)
Felix (1,160)
Sylvain (913)
Ferdinand (661)
Byleth (572)
Lorenz (566)
Hubert (523)
Ashe (458)
Linhardt (398)
Caspar (322)
Raphael (315)
Dedue (287)
Seteth (280)
Gatekeeper (195)
Jeralt (180)
Rodrigue (104)
Cyril (90)
Hanneman (74)
Alois (69)

Female Character Poll

Bernadetta (1,083)
Lysithea (1,008)
Hilda (988)
Edelgard (916)
Ingrid (767)
Mercedes (721)
Byleth (709)
Shamir (675)
Marianne (555)
Annette (540)
Sothis (440)
Dorothea (418)
Flayn (333)
Petra (236)
Leonie (231)
Rhea (120)
Manuela (97)
Catherine (71)
Kronya (29)
Judith (10)


Dimitri beat Claude!? I am disappointed in the world today..

In Japan. it would probably different if you asked other fan bases throughout the world. You have to remember that Japanese fans of games like this focus almost exclusively on appearance when voting in polls ranking their favorite characters. They ignore the fact that (mid to late game spoilers for both Claude and Dimitri)


The proof is in the pudding. Characters like Hitsugaya in Bleach, who plays an extremely minor role in the story, consistently placed near or at the top of the character polls solely because he's cute. Just about the only franchise to avoid this is One Piece.

While what you said about polls is half true, Dimitri goes through much more character development than Claude does. Dimitri's route is much more personal compared to the others and that is where his character shines. He has personal reasons for acting how he does and he develops even further into the endgame to a much better character than he was at the beginning of it all.
At least in my opinion, this is a good poll result.

Wed Oct 16 19 04:45pm
Rating: 1

Poor Mirianne...she came ninth place...

And poor Ignatz...he's nowhere on the list....

sad day indeed....Sad

Marianne being that low makes me sad.

We Stan a legend, we Stan Alois

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