Playtonic Games wants to develop more Yooka-Laylee titles, "we could work on any kind of game, a racing game like Mario Kart or a shooter like Splatoon"

Potential spiritual successor to Diddy Kong Racing?

With the recent success of Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, staff from the development studio had an interview with Spanish media outlet 3DJuegos. It looks like Playtonic Games isn't quite done with the chameleon and bat duo. Mark Stevenson and Steve Mayles discussed the potential future of the Yooka-Laylee franchise, and they wish to continue working on new games. They'd even like to create spin-off titles with other characters from the world of Yooka-Laylee. Nintendo's Mario Kart and Splatoon franchises are name-dropped as examples of where Yooka & Laylee might head. Check out the full translated statement below, thanks to Lant_War on Resetera:

"I think we'll keep working on Yooka Laylee in the future. Really, we could work on any kind of game, a racing game like Mario Kart or a shooter like Splatoon. We've never intended Yooka and Laylee to be the protagonists of all of our games. On the future, we could make a spin-off with one of the many characters from Yooka Laylee, like Dr. Quack or Dr. Puzz. Being independent lets us follow whatever way we want and the one we think is right."


Make an FPS like Goldeneye.

Fri Oct 18 19 10:15am
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Impossible Lair definitely proved that Playtonic still had that old Rare magic. I look forward to seeing whatever genre they decide to tackle next.

At the same time, I hope they don't go too crazy with the Y-L universe. The main characters are delightful, but I'm unsure if any of the other side characters could hold up their own games.

It didn't prove that at all. It still has none of the charm of old Rare games and the gameplay was a pretty blatant rip off of Tropical Freeze. All it showed is that Playtonic is incapable of originality and lacks the creativity of Rare.

Fri Oct 18 19 11:19am
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I respect your opinion but disagree.

How did you expect them to execute gameplay? The Retro DKC games are built off of Rare's original DKC gameplay, so it makes sense that Lair's gameplay, made by much of the original DKC team, would have similarities.

Baffles me that people call this a TF rip off, even when they know the pedigree of Playtonic. They literally made the games that Retro iterated on. Not to put down the Retro games (TF is probably my favourite of the entire series) but those games are completely built on the foundation that many of the Playtonic team members made years ago.

Level wise they’re ripping off themselves if anything (forest and factory levels that I see many people pointing at as TF rip offs were already in the original DKC trilogy), the controls are lifted out of DKC, the music sounds like TF because it’s the same composer and other composers emulating Wise. There are definitely inspirations from the Retro games like how collectibles are hidden, and of course it does have a very similar art style to them but they do plenty of things to make it their own. “Dollar store Tropical Freeze” it is not. Must be so frustrating for Playtonic to be accused of ripping off a game that is literally based on games they made themselves.

I agree. Playtonic has revived our childhood memories only with new IPs. I’m looking forward to see other games by them. In a meantime, Banjo came home for Smash.

And so comes another victim like Alphadream....


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