Smash Bros. Ultimate 'Tetris Smash' Spirit Board event announced

BOOM Tetris for Smash

Nintendo has revealed the next Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event, and it kicks off Oct. 25th, 2019. This is a 'Tetris Smash' event that runs for 5 days, and features 5 new spirits from Tetris 99.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!


Is there like... a mailing list or something like that where I could remain up to date with these events (the ones that add brand-new spirits)? I don't play Smash regularly now and I don't check GoNintendo everyday so there's a real chance I could miss one of these events, and I want my complete spirit collection to remain complete!

By the way, I remember the first event spirits where eventually released for everyone. Have they done the same for the rest of them?

I think all of the exclusive spirits so far have been put up in the store in a future update.

That's good to know, it makes me less anxious about possibly missing an event.

I personally haven't participated in any of these events. Spirit Board is a very uninteresting mode to me.

...and that's how I found out that I missed the Daemon x Machina event. But yeah, they'll be available again at a later date. ^^

Nice to see some more Tetris recognition in Smash! It's very strange that there's no Tetris stage.

With falling Tetris blocks as a stage hazard? Awesome! ...aaaand it's immediately banned.

Still would be fun to play on.

The puzzle genre is one of the least represented genres in Smash Bros.

I mean, granted we have some music and Spirits, but the only physical elements I can think of are a playable character (Dr. Mario) and an item (Lip's Stick), am I missing something?

Dagnabbit I forgot about this.


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