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Masahiro Sakurai's controller collection, living room setup, and more details revealed

Sakurai and the legend of the 12 PlayStations
by nintendojam
23 October 2019
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Masahiro Sakurai is nothing short of a legend. It's always interesting to find out new details on his work life, as well as his personal life. With special thanks to @nokoloc and @PushDustIn on Twitter, we have full translated details from Sakurai's latest column. Check out the summary below!

- Sakurai bought two Nintendo Switch Online Super Famicom Controllers.

- He enjoys the feel of the Playstation 4 'Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller', he owns one himself.

- Astral Chain was difficult for him to play due to his tendonitis, so he purchased a Switch rapid-fire controller to help with those specific sequences.

- Sakurai owns over 60 controllers across all platforms, not including the ones in his main home. He forgets why he bought some of them.

- The initial reason Sakurai had so many controllers, was because he wanted four of each for 4-player multiplayer. Then other various reasons for controller purchases caused the amount he owns to be as high as it is.

- His second home is closer to work, so he doesn't have as long of a commute. He returns to his main house on the weekends (picture above is from his main house).

- He personally owns four Switches, two in each home. He has two TVs per home as well.

- Sakurai's main house is more like home, his second house is used as his own personal office.

- He owns six PlayStation 4s and six PlayStation 3s across his two homes (three of each per house). He likes to compete against guests in various games, using his multiple displays.

- Organization helps Sakurai keep his gaming items easily accessible. He includes labels on his HDMI cables, boxes to separate controllers, and other various methods. For his classic 80s/90s hardware, he uses a storage unit underground.

- It's difficult managing all of his different hardware. He charges his controllers before he plays.

- To avoid anything being overwritten, Sakurai always has things saved to multiple consoles. He mostly uses the cloud for his saves, so he needs to be prepared to have the ability to download an update twice.

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