The Belmont Adventure: A Castlevania the Adventure & Belmont’s Revenge Tribute Album Now Available

A tribute to Castlevania

SindraVania Projects is thrilled to announce the full distribution of The Belmont Adventure: A Castlevania the Adventure & Belmont’s Revenge Tribute Album. The album marks the 30th anniversary of Castlevania the Adventure on the Nintendo Gameboy in 1989, and celebrates the music of the games of Christopher Belmont; ancestor of Simon. This 12-track album features choice cuts from the soundtracks of the two games, remixed and arranged by a bevy of artists from the VGM community, including artists Viking Guitar, The Plasmas and Snappleman, as well as composers Alexander Brandon and Josh Barron and more. The Belmont Adventure is available today

“The Gameboy Castlevania games have a lot of great music that is unfortunately overlooked much of the time in favor of the NES trilogy or later titles.” comments album producer Brenna Wilkes, who last year released another Castlevania album, Castellum Sanguis LXVIII. “The first two Gameboy titles, Adventure and Belmont’s Revenge, are unique in that they’re prequel/sequel to one another and features some of the most complex music on a handheld system for their time. I knew that, like me, there were fans of the games out there in the greater Castlevania fandom and wanted to celebrate their soundtracks with them.”

The track list for The Belmont Adventure is:

“Opening” by Jon Poulin
“Battle of the Holy” by Mega Beardo
“Darkness” by The Plasmas
“Theme of the Legend of Dracula” by Josh Barron
“Journey Into Chaos” by Alexander Brandon
“New Messiah” by Darmock (ft. Sixto Sounds)
“Ripe Seeds” by Yes, Mayhem
“Psycho Warrior” by CarboHydroM (ft. Max Noel)
“Praying Hands” by Thennecan
“Original Sin” by Snappleman (ft. Norg & Sixto Sounds)
“Sons of Satan” by Gunderslam
“End of the Day” by Viking Guitar (ft. Max Noel)


I had to stop here to check out New Messiah and Original Sin.

Did not disappoint.


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