Yes, Ring Fit Adventure speedruns are a thing

Literally speedrunning

A video game comes out, and a select group of players try to speedrun it. That's just the way video games work. It doesn't matter how weird, wacky, or different a game is. There's always going to be some players who want to crush it in as little time as possible.

Despite the unique challenges it presents, a group of very bold players have decided to speedrun Ring Fit Adventure. You can check out one of those attempts above, which obviously ends with some super sweaty results. If players keep this up, they'll soon be the most fit speedrunning community around!

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The Iron Man challenge of E-Sports.

Mon Nov 04 19 08:09pm
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The first ten minutes of the video is him setting up the game, the rest is like watching someone play for the first time. He misses jumps, he forgets to raise his knees on the stairs. I'll grant you that some people timed themselves playing. Calling this a speedrun is a leap.

I appreciate that this is a thing. More speed run means hopefully more sales. I would love for them to make more games that encourage moving.

I want an AGDQ donation goal that forces spikevegeta to speed run this game.

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