Nintendo reveals 'The Stretchers' for Switch, releasing Nov. 8th, 2019 in Japan

A surprise Nintendo title!

Nintendo has surprise-revealed a new title for the Switch eShop in Japan, and it's launching on Nov. 8th, 2019! The title is called 'The Stretchers,' and it's a co-op experience (or single player) where you work together to collect sick people on stretchers and get them to the safety of your ambulance. You also have to dodge obstacles, solve some puzzles, and even drive the ambulance around!

Check out more screens for The Stretchers here

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Thu Nov 07 19 08:17pm
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Looks like someone took inspiration on Crazy Taxi!

My thoughts exactly! Looks like Crazy Taxi, but you have to rescue your passengers first...

Looks really fun! I hope it comes out in the West soon.

I kinda dismissed this when I passed the article before, but just saw it on twitter from Nintendo (JP). Looking at the screens for some reason gave me the same feels as Chibi Robo? Feels like a Skip game?

Looks hilarious and cute though. I'm actually really interested.

Thu Nov 07 19 10:28pm
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So the first two posts on GoNintendo are about an EMT game and then a firefighter game. Is a cop game next? Is This is the Police 3 gonna be announced?

Turns out it's a collaboration between Nintendo and Tarsier, the devs of Little Nightmares!

If I am correct it should be on the Japanese eshop already if the website is correct

This is Nintendo's second game featuring a hammock. Would be fun to see a story more event or a mini game referencing Game & Watch Fire


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