Mouse cursor spotted flying around Pokemon Sword and Shield's end credits video


Looks like someone at Game Freak made a little bit of a mistake with the end credits for Pokemon Sword and Shield. As you can see in the clip above, there's a mouse cursor flying around the screen for a few seconds. Looks like this wasn't caught before the game released, but is sure to be fixed in an update.


Saw some spoilers in the gif just scrolling past. Sad

Mon Nov 18 19 06:06pm
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I wonder, if Nintendo pushed GF to release a new main line Pokémon game in 2019. This game definitely could have needed more development time. Especially, since there are other first party games like Mario Odyssey and BOTW, that evolve the concepts of their respective series for Switch as a new platform.

Mon Nov 18 19 06:10pm
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I think The Pokemon Company has a bigger say in things like that, not Nintendo

Not Nintendo, but the Pokemon Company absolutely. Mainline Pokemon games pretty much can't be delayed because they go along with the entire brand's other releases (anime, tcg, toys, etc). A delay would ruin the timing of everything else.

This game does evolve and do fun new things, but in differing places. The Wild Area over the routes, the Dynamaxing over the normal non-dynamax battles, and the online co-op in raid battles over the online trading/battling. It feels like they tried doing multiple things at once but couldn't quite figure things out.

I can say this though. I'm absolutely confident that because people were begging GF to get a Gen 8 game out in 2018, (or heck, even 2017 with the Pokemon Stars stuff) they briefly shifted priority for a few months into wrapping up Let's Go as a stop gap to appease their investors/TPC so they could have another free year to work on the game. The fact that the investor reports noted Pokemon SWS as "For 2018 or later" indicated just that to me.

I'm legitimately terrified that we could have seriously had these games launch last year and thus have an XY repeat where there's just no game to speak of outside of endless wifi battles, and while I'm very happy with how these turned out I also feel an extra year might have been enough to add some bonus stuff for the extremely hardcore fans. I'd at least hope if they make any sort of expansion they do it with an actual UPDATE or DLC instead of a stupid pair of third versions like USUM, or do it the right way with sequels. I too, hope that GF gets a much needed gap year and break and I hope TPC doesn't make them pump out Sinnoh remakes next year because of their demand. :|

Mon Nov 18 19 06:23pm
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I wonder if they need to pull the "alternating studio" approach with Pokemon. Because it's clear that Sword/Shield needed more development time, and it's clear that they're not going to change the rhythm of game releases because they have to match up with anime, merchandise releases, and a card game.

They could have two studios working on consecutive games and two years to work on them instead of one.

Mon Nov 18 19 06:31pm
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This is what they already do.
It's why there's a remake or third game every other year and a new gen every other year.

The main team makes the new gens and the other team makes the games in-between.

It's also why you'll get some quality of life change in one game and in the game directly after that it's not there.
Because the dev of both games overlapped and weren't made by the same teams in the first place.

Mon Nov 18 19 06:42pm
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Alternate studios did not work for Call of Duty. It will not work for GameFREAK.

Besides there are alternate studios that provided Pokemon games in the past, the problem is the spinoffs all died out.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Developed by Spike Chunsoft. Due to the 3DS entries bombing, there has not been any new PMD games since Super Mystery Dungeon. Spike Chunsoft has gone on to develop other games including games in their IPs.

Pokemon Ranger: Originally started as a joint development between HAL and Creatures, Inc. The games didn't do so well and HAL left to focus on Super Smash Bros. and Kirby full time. Creatures returned to focusing on the Pokemon main series only.

Pokemon Pinball: Originally started as a joint development between HAL and Jupiter, HAL would leave the series to focus on Smash and Kirby full time leaving Jupiter to handle the second game. While the series did well, Jupiter would find better success with Picross and they have been stuck developing Picross games ever since. There have been no new Pinball games since Ruby & Sapphire.

Pokemon Rumble: The series is handled by Ambrella. Every game has not done well, but yet somehow gets green lit for new sequels. Ambrella's latest game is Pokemon Rumble Rush for mobile devices.

Pokemon Stadium/Colosseum/XD/Battle Revolution: Originally Stadium 1 and 2 were handled by HAL and Nintendo EAD before moving over to Genius Sonority with Colosseum. The Genius Sonority games didn't go so well so the Stadium series was retired following Battle Revolution on Wii. The Stadium engine would be repurposed as the battle engine for the Pokemon 3DS main games. Since leaving the Stadium series, Genius Sonority would only handle a couple of Pokemon puzzle games since (in the Trozei series).

Any other games would be one shots at best. So basically any other developers either have moved on or found themselves stuck in a niche and can't expand.

EDIT - Ninja'd.

I for one am patiently waiting for Pokemon x Nobunaga's Ambition 2

I’d kill for a Pokémon Conquest 2.

PMD on 3DS actually sold pretty decently. GTI did OK for launching alongside Dark Moon, and Super was a pretty OK million seller as 3DS game. The problem with Super's sales is that you had stingy people mad that they took 2015 off for the main series, and refused to buy the game because it wasn't Pokemon Z like they expected would be the case. That and PAL people got really screwed over as the game launched literal weeks before Sun and Moon were revealed, and before the Gen 1 VC ports. Most of my PAL loving PMD friends were pissed beyond belief and got spoiled on the story during that wait which led to some not buying the game or not enjoying it as much as going in blind.

Though at the very least, I wish it did way more than that as it's easily my all time favorite video game. The story, gameplay and strategy elements really go a long way to make a PMD experience like no other and if it wasn't for the game's slow start before you can actually do missions on a wider scale, along with minor gripes like the inability to nickname Pokemon, I feel others would be able to get into it easier too. Considering the sense of finality in the story, alongside interviews where the staff mentioned they made PSMD with a sense of finality and used up all their available ideas for the entry, I honestly believe SMD was intentionally made to be the final entry in that series, and I'm fine with that.

But the thing is Super never gave character development to anyone except the partner. There are also new continents that have zero history. You couldn't also revisit old locales outside a few dungeons (Zero Isle from Explorers and Destiny Tower from Explorers). Pokemon from older games also don't speak much about their histories so that if Super was your first PMD game, then you have no idea who those characters are. Super just overall felt unfinished.

It was playable, yes, but unsatisfying in lore and character development. They could easily make a new PMD set in the Sand Continent to fix the problems from Super. Call it PSMD: Pokemon Switch Mystery Dungeon (for Nintendo Switch, duh) and the new gameplay mechanic is the Mystery Dungeons change in real time instead of just when you revisit dungeons. For the post-game, they can open up the other continents to let players revisit old locales from all old PMD games to learn the histories of the locations and the Pokemon involved there. That would settle the problem of limited post-games from the 3DS era.

It's not that I think Spike Chunsoft developed Super as a grand finale. I think instead the 3dS PMDs underperformed compared to Explorers of Sky and The Pokemon Company or Spike Chunsoft pulled the plug on the series. =/

Man, a lot of people freaking out over a mouse cursor.

Come on guys, it's a tiny mouse cursor for a fraction of a second, it's not like the game deleted your save during the credits.

Mon Nov 18 19 08:21pm
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I did not mean to upvote your comment.

Every new issue that pops up gets excused. You act like it’s minor. But how the fuck does something so obvious yet easily solvable get through play testing? It just adds on to the pile of issues.

Mon Nov 18 19 08:45pm
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I act like it's minor because it is minor. There are very minor issues that don't actually really affect the gameplay experience at all, but all people do is whine about it because it's really popular to hate on Pokemon right now because "Pokemon is a billion dollar company".

Gimme a break, entitled gamers are showing their true colors through and through. Fire Emblem Three Houses has tons of minor issues as well but you don't see people damning the game because of it.

I'm glad you felt the need to specify you didn't mean to upvote my comment, heaven forbid you accidentally upvote something you don't agree with. It really is the end of the world isn't it?

They should make the best out of a bad situation and make the cursor a new pokemon!

Its name: MissingCurs.

How on earth does this happen? Did they screenshot every frame for the video or something?

Tue Nov 19 19 05:54am
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Wow, all these armchair developers who think that this is something easy to change. You need to cut Gamefreak some slack, they spent years of their life making this product for customers to purchase, and you people should be thanking them for what they've done for you, there was always bound to be slip ups in quality, and that's no excuse to levy criticism against this game.


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