Nintendo NY gets a new Bowser statue

The Mario villain, not the man

Nintendo NY is freshening up their store for the holidays with a brand-new statue for people to check out. A special Bowser statue has been added to the first floor, and the public can head in for a photo op starting tomorrow. The first 100 people who stop in tomorrow for a picture will get to take home a special poster!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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That's pretty sick looking. I hope the DK statue is still there, Bowser took his spot!

Seems like Nintendo is trying to erase DK's legacy day by day. They remove the DK statue, DK has absolute no merchandise or presence at the Tokyo Store, Nintendo has ignored DKC's 25th anniversary entirely, has yet to add the original Trilogy to Switch Online, and we're currently in the longest drought between DK games we've ever had.

God its depressing to be a DK fan. Yeah K.Rool was added to Smash and its amazing but thats all us DK fans have gotten lately.. *sigh*

Thu Nov 21 19 09:26pm
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Donkey Kong is having a anniversary! how will celebrate it?

let's remove his statue from the store


Oh but god dang Kirby has a parade everytime it breaths

A moment of silence to our last member of the DK crew.


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