Nintendo of America tweets a reminder for The Game Awards, airing tomorrow at 5:30pm PT

We are all hoping for a Smash reveal...

The Game Awards is one of the biggest nights in gaming, and it's just around the corner! The awards show will be airing live, starting tomorrow at 5:30pm PT. Game announcements and teases happen every year at the event from many different companies, and Nintendo is no stranger in participating. Last year, Joker infiltrated the theater, revealing him as the first DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Marvel Ultimate Alliance was also announced at TGA last year as a Switch exclusive title. Since Nintendo is now tweeting about the 2019 event, there is not much doubt that something will be revealed from them soon.

Could we possibly see another Smash character reveal? We don't have long to find out what Nintendo has in store for us.


Wed Dec 11 19 11:47am
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Just give me something Bayonetta 3 and I'll be the happiest guy in Norway.

"We are all hoping for a Smash reveal... "

Speak for yourself, I'm just here for the possibility of some BotW2 footage.

That's the only reason one will struggle throught the ads and E-Sports interviews.

Wed Dec 11 19 01:18pm
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Man, don't you guys ever get tired of the Smash stuff? It's endless. That said I'm sure they'll show the next character and nothing else. Nintendo must really love having Smash out and in play, it saves them from ever having to show anything substantial because they can just show off a $5 DLC pack and everyone will lose their minds.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

I can't believe people today would rather see another new fighter as opposed to an entirely new game. It's not like they will be using that new character for more than a week or so.

Couldn't agree more. We know NOTHING coming out in 2020 from Nintendo other than Animal Crossing and Xenoblade remake. I would like to get a surprise game reveal or an ACTUAL trailer for Bayo 3. The last thing I care to see is another underwhelming DLC Smash character and thats it. I LOVE Smash but Nintendo as well as fans like to use Smash to hype up a mediocre showing.

If Nintendo had a 45 minute Nintendo Direct with nothing but white background until the last 5 minutes where they show a Smash trailer. Fanboys would declare it the best Nintendo Direct ever made.

I wouldn't mind a new Smash reveal. I, so far, really like the new fighters and their stages and watching how much passion Sakurai and co put into these I a excited to see who's ext.

Of course I want something more from Bayonetta 3 as mentioned above. On top og that something mrore from BOTW2 r even MP4 or even Pikmin4 is very welcome. Best of all would be a enw surprise game we all could say "well I didn't see that coming". I do't think we're going to be left with just a Smash character reveal. But we'll see, of course.

Yeah, Smash is cool but to some degree, I think people like hyping up releases and speculation more than actually playing the game. I see more people talking about "what comes next" than I do saying they regularly play it. It's weird.


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