Hundreds of knock-off consoles with Nintendo ROMs seized by North Carolina's Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force

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We've all see the mall kiosks that are selling knock-off Nintendo platforms that are supposedly filled with hundreds upon hundreds of games. Those consoles almost always have the same few games duplicated over and over, and are filled with nothing but ROMs and ROM rip-offs.

The Triangle shopping center in Raleigh, North Carolina played host to one of those booths, and word quickly spread to the North Carolina Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force. The task force has been working for two weeks straight to pull off the seizure, and sellers ended up voluntarily surrendering them. 340 units were seized, with a street value of around $800k.

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It's always good to see action taken against IP theft. It gets overlooked so often.

Fri Dec 13 19 07:05pm
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Glad they got these sick perps off the streets.

Now to snuff out the other 8 million ways to play copied NES roms and we good.

800k? 340?

That's over $2350 per console. There is not a snowball's chance in hell anyone in NC was paying that much. at 80k $235 is a little more believable but I'm pretty sure these shitters are on amazon and ebay for like $50, and let me just


Did they (over) value these on the number of games included or something for the bust?

I was thinking the exact same thing. Whatever sounds best for the news I guess.

Sat Dec 14 19 03:50am
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It appears they did put an estimated retail value on each game. Based on 620-800 games, would put each game between $2.93~3.80.


I think the news caster in the video simply made a mistake by saying it was the street value.

Edit: Thinking about it more, they probably just multiplied the cost of a regular NES mini by approximately how many more games are allegedly on the bootlegs. $89*26.6 = $2367.4

I love the term "street value", it makes it sound like the consoles are full of hard drugs.

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