Pokemon Co. gets the go-ahead to serve subpoenas to find out more information on the Pokemon Sword and Shield info leakers

The long Armaldo of the law

Just a few weeks back, we had noted that Pokemon Co. was out to get the people who leaked Pokemon Sword and Shield information. That includes those who leaked the actual game, as well as people who leaked info from somehow gaining access to the Player's Guide prior to launch.

In the case of the Player's Guide situation, Pokemon Co. knew that discussions took place through Discord and 4chan that facilitated the leak. Pokemon Co. was looking to get subpoenas in order to find out the personal contact information of those behind the leaks, and a judge has just granted approval. Pokemon Co. can now send out subpoenas to those services/sites to get user information and find out more about just who set the ball rolling.


It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out.

'Long Armaldo of the law'

I'm sorry but I'm repeating that subheading just so people can appreciate that wordplay. Back to topic, it'll be interesting to see where this goes. Hopefully, it'll act as a deterrent for anyone who feels tempted to do something similar in the future

I hope they catch them and put them behind bars.

Hopefully they’ll go to the electric chair!

Yeah the death penalty for people who leaked bits from a video game....great idea....

uhh huh, damn right.


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