A few more details shared on Captive Palm: Refrain, including various retail options

So many to pick from!

Capcom announced Captive Palm: Refrain for Switch earlier tonight, with the title set to launch on March 12th, 2020 in Japan. Since that initial announcement, a few more details have come in about the game. Check out the early details below.

- can be played in TV, table, and handheld modes,
- supports both the Joy-Con and Switch Pro controllers
- when using a controller, players operate the game by moving a cursor on the screen
- some scenes make use of the controller’s gyro functionality
- in table and handheld modes, touch controls are also supported
- in handheld mode, the device can be turned vertically to be played in the same way as the smartphone version
- larger illustrations
- art gallery
- Traditional and Simplified Chinese language support

Just as with the original, there will be multiple ways to purchase Captive Palm: Refrain. When it comes to physical, customers can grab a Deluxe, Collector's, e-Capcom Complete Edition, and e-Capcom Limited Edition. Digital will have standard, deluxe, and additional content packs A/B/C. There are all kinds of goodies packed into these options, including CDs, special boxes, artwork, and more. You can check out pics of those options, as well as screens and art here.

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I'm definitely going to get a LE, but hopefully I can get this new job and grab one of the e-Capcom LEs. TToTT

I may have to replay this one a few times to try the different modes and get the most out of each lol.


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