Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night being updated to Version 1.04 in January 2020, details on new modes shared

New things to look forward to in 2020

The Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter has shared a new dev blog wrapping up the year. Some new tidbits on what's to come are shared, which you can find in full below.

The dev teams are hard at work behind the scenes on Zangetsu and two new modes, one of which is Boss Revenge. Beyond that, we have more modes and an additional playable character on the way. We plan to have a regular cadence of content once all the platforms are on the same level of content. We will have more news on this in the new year.

Before we get to that, here’s the current state of development for the consoles:


Update 1.04 is nearly complete and we expect it to go live worldwide in January. Regions currently on 1.02 (SE Asia and Korea for example) will get upgraded directly to 1.04, which will include all the improvements from 1.03.


Tue Dec 24 19 06:49am
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Gotta be honest here: I'm getting a little bit pissed. I wanna play this game really bad but like with every game I'll only do so after every DLC has been released. It seems they'll develop DLC all through 2020 though.
I know my stubbornness is at fault here and that more DLC is a good thing but still... I feel like I'll never return to a game I've finished just because there's a new mode or playable character, that's why I'm going to wait as long as it takes.

You're not alone. Personally, I've noticed people stopping their playthroughs mid-way, or even archiving the game knowing that there are updates on the way, and that there are still areas that need to be optimized.

I haven't played this because I'm waiting for them to fix the game. It's better now than at launch, apparently. But they keep fixing it, so I'll just wait.

Been playing it a few days, it’s unplayable at all but it’s not where it should be. I’d be fine with the graphics downgrade and cut in frame rate (even though at the compromises made to the visuals and resolution it looks like it should still hit 60FPS) if the frame rate was solid but it really isn’t. Ranges from acceptable to horrendous with no rhyme or reason.

Enjoying it a lot still but it’s hard to shake the feeling that it’s not an ideal way to play.


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