Nintendo shares an infographic recapping the last decade

A decade of great games

The last decade has had some ups and downs for Nintendo when it comes to hardware success, but there's no doubt the quality was there for the games. Nintendo has shared an infographic looking at all the major platforms and titles they released in the last 10 years, and there's some fantastic stuff in there. What was your standout Nintendo moment in the last decade?

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That graphic is a little disorganize, but best Nintendo moment for me was the launch of the Switch and being glad that Nintendo didn't lose all mindshare in the West. I have all the consoles from the Big 3 and enjoy them all for different wonderful reasons, however, and this is just my opinion, only Nintendo could make an infographic with such a killer list of exclusives. Despite all the other things that are still a bummer about Nintendo (like their online quality and voice chat stuff), but at the end of the day, when it comes down to it, it's the games and Nintendo still often makes the best of them. I am eager to see how they continue to innovate and adapt in the decade to come.

From Super Mario Galaxy 2 back in 2010 to now, it was a good 10 years worth of goodness. The WiiU may not have been a success, but had incredible games. We saw the switch from DS/Wii to 3DS/WiiU and now Switch/Lite/mobile. The mobile efforts and monetization seem very divisive. Of course the lowest point for Nintendo was Iwata's sickness and passing. But the Switch is here and much of the success surely is due to his work. Here is to 10 more years of goodness.

Mon Dec 30 19 02:58pm
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This decade gave us Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze and K.Rool in Smash. That alone makes this decade of Nintendo worth it. Now hopefully we get a NEW DK game soon with K.Rool and Kremlings to start the new decade off right.

That would be freakin' awesome!

I'm happy Nintendo still remembers the Wii U

Mon Dec 30 19 05:48pm
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I'm surprised Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild or NSMBWii/NSMB2/NSMBU didn't make the cut, but freakin' Arms did.

Breath of the Wild is on there though.

My bad. Still weird that Skyward Sword isn't. It was intended to be their farewell to the Wii until the Operation Rainfall stuff happened.

Fire Emblem Awakening and Super Mario Odyssey are the greatest games that Nintendo has made the whole decade to me atleast.

Others are great too..just not as amazing as the two I mentioned.

I like Awakening and would put it up there definitely but Odyssey may be the most overrated Nintendo game Nintendo has made this decade IMO. Its my 2nd least favorite 3D Mario only slightly beating Sunshine in that regard.

64 and Galaxy are still the pinnacle of 3D Mario IMO.

It is underrated imo. Botw is the most ovverated game to me.

Thanks for the reminder that I need to get Tomodachi Life.


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