Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account shares a video with a hidden message

What are you up to, Sonic?

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account is officially teasing something coming down the pipeline. The team behind the account shared the above video, which contains a hidden message. Fans have gone digging to see what was snuck in, and discovered a few lines of translucent text. Here's what the message reads.

It began in 2015
A glimmer of a flame
Growing with each success
Enduring every challenge
Within this, my last puzzle
Remember the words
Ignis aurum probat [Latin for ‘Fire tests gold’]
This next chapter belongs to you

While the message has been discovered, the meaning is still being sussed out. We'll be sure to keep tabs on the situation and share any other discoveries as they crop up.

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Mania and Forces launched in 2015. Mania was well received. The music in the vid sounds like it is from a 3d Sonic. Maybe a new 2d and 3d Sonic?

Mania and Forces was out in 2017 I believe.

Nothing major was released in 2015. But it's also hard to imagine this was the year development started. I don't think we can do anything but guess.

Thu Jan 02 20 07:22am
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I thought Sonic Boom premiered in 2015? Didn’t the video games subtitled “Rise of Lyric” and “Shattered Crystal” release that year, as well?

Regardless, I’m not seeing the 2015 part as a good sign. Sega is already restructuring in 3 months, and the home video game division will absorb the arcade division as a result.

Sega seems to be making their status as a company worse than it was in 2001. Someone I know said 2006 was worse for them than 2001, but I disagree.

They both released in 2014.

Sat Jan 04 20 01:11am
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Oh. I guess I’m wrong about the premiere date of Sonic Boom and the release of the related video games. It explains a lot, though.

Wed Jan 01 20 11:14pm
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"Fire Tests Gold" so Burning Blaze vs. Super Sonic?

A new Sonic Rush game would be superb.

Thu Jan 02 20 01:39am
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Its obvious that the word ignis hints that they are planning to make another Sonic the hedgehog 06 2.


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