Study shows that 40% of US Switch owners also have a PS4 or Xbox One

Which do you own?

NPD's Mat Piscatella has shared some interesting information on the state of console owners here in the United States. According to the NPD'S PlayerPulse survey, over 40% of Switch owners in the US also own a PS4 and/or an Xbox One. This proves that a lot of gamers here in the states see Switch as a complimentary experience, rather than a substitute. Piscatella says this bodes well for Switch going forward, as it should still be able to find a home in houses that have an Xbox Series X or PS5.

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Fri Jan 03 20 03:13pm
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PS4. Unfortunately Nintendo systems have been the secondary platform for me ever since the Wii generation.

Both, and both get nearly equal playtime from me.

Fri Jan 03 20 02:55pm
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Neither. I barely have enough time for the Switch.

Same here, I'm still trying to find time to complete Astral Chain (which I started playing on September).

Fri Jan 03 20 03:13pm
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PS4. Unfortunately Nintendo systems have been the secondary platform for me ever since the Wii generation.

I own all three, and intend to get PS5 and Series X day one, as well.

I think I'll need to see the advantages and weaknesses of each platform, since this gen, they pretty much became PCs. Heck, even the new Xbox looks like a PC tower.

Sony has exclusives though, with Microsoft they've also shown they're willing to put their exclusives elsewhere. I just wonder if maybe PC could be a better investment next gen, if we assume the new consoles are gonna be scalable like the PRO or X versions.

I'm the 60% here. I've never owned a PS or XB.

Fri Jan 03 20 09:06pm
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I own a PS4 but it's seen very limited playtime ever since the Switch came out.

Just because you own something besides a Switch doesn't mean the Switch is secondary.

Switch is my primary console and PS4 is my secondary.

Although I consider Switch my secondary system I agree that not everyone will feel that way. Everyone has different priorities. For me, a better experience for third party titles and Sony’s excellent exclusives outweigh what Nintendo has done in the past 10 years or so. But if someone really likes Nintendo’s games or plays handheld exclusively, the primary system would naturally be Switch.


Disappointment is built on expectations, in that sense I expected more from the PS4 than the Wii U.

In that regard that's also why I pretty much abandoned for the Switch.

It's just me, but I have it as a secondary system for the games that (as of now) haven't released on the Switch or really run very poorly on it.

I had low expectations for Wii U and they managed to deliver even less than that. I knew third party support would be trash but I’d need it for first party Nintendo. That turned out to be hilariously bad too. I’m going to be bitter about that money wasted for some time. My Wii eShop purchases are trapped on it too, so I can’t even sell the Wii U without losing them. What a disaster of a console.

I don’t buy third party games for Switch but at least the first party offerings have been better. So that’s why Switch is secondary; I only have it for those occasional releases.

Sat Jan 04 20 04:08am
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I'm with the 60%, no enough time or money to have multiple consoles.

Neither for me. Switch and PC.

This is where I'm at myself. So many games, so little time. =X

Nintendo is #1 in my heart, but since the N64 era I started to realize I wouldn't be satisfied only owning their console.


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