The official website for Pikmin 3 has disappeared

Couldn't have picked a better time

There have been rumors swirling about Pikmin 3 getting a port from Wii U to Switch, and today we get a bit more fuel for the rumor fire. The official website for Pikmin 3 has up and vanished. If you try to visit the site today, you'll get redirected to the Nintendo.com listing for Pikmin 3.

Why did the official site disappear after all these years? It seems a little too coincidental that the site was yanked now while all the rumors of a port are flying about. Let's hope this does indeed point to a port of Pikmin 3 to Switch. More Pikmin is never a bad thing!

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Switch port incoming....

I just checked archive.org and it seems the page was actually taken down sometime last August, not just recently. No idea why it was never reported considering it had been rumored since last February but whatever

If they re-release this, I'm hoping for online multiplayer. Having online bingo battle would be amazing!

I don't understand why so many major titles on the Wii U lacked online multiplayer. Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros U, Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo Land, Starfox Zero.......... I could go on and on.

Maybe they'll mix Pikmin 3 with Pikmin 4.

Mon Jan 13 20 04:03pm
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Pikmin III.4 Final Remix incoming

Eh I doubt it, doesn't seem like something they'd do. When Pikmin 1 and 2 came to the Wii they were both kept separate rather than put on one disc (I know North America had to wait longer on Pikmin 2 Wii because of the product placement issues but still).

Mon Jan 13 20 03:26pm
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I'd prefer Pikmin 4 at this point, since I already own Pikmin 3. But I don't mind if Pikmin 3 is re-released and gets a chance to sell better, so long as Pikmin 4 is imminent.


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