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Pokemon Sword and Shield take the #1 spot on Famitsu sales charts for the 9th consecutive week, marking a new record

9 weeks and counting!
by rawmeatcowboy
17 January 2020
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Pokemon Sword and Shield were once again the #1 selling software in Japan this past week. It's no surprise to see a Pokemon title hanging onto the top spot for awhile, but it turns out Pokemon Sword and Shield's time at the top is worthy of a new record.

Famitsu's software sales charts date back to 1995, and the record-holder for most consecutive #1 placements on the weekly sales charts was Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with 8 weeks the top. I say was because Pokemon has now been dethroned by...Pokemon. Pokemon Sword and Shield just took their 9th consecutive week at the #1 position, marking a new record.

Of course, the real question is, just how long will Pokemon Sword and Shield be able to stay at #1? Anyone care to venture a guess?