Pokemon Sword and Shield take the #1 spot on Famitsu sales charts for the 9th consecutive week, marking a new record

9 weeks and counting!

Pokemon Sword and Shield were once again the #1 selling software in Japan this past week. It's no surprise to see a Pokemon title hanging onto the top spot for awhile, but it turns out Pokemon Sword and Shield's time at the top is worthy of a new record.

Famitsu's software sales charts date back to 1995, and the record-holder for most consecutive #1 placements on the weekly sales charts was Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with 8 weeks the top. I say was because Pokemon has now been dethroned by...Pokemon. Pokemon Sword and Shield just took their 9th consecutive week at the #1 position, marking a new record.

Of course, the real question is, just how long will Pokemon Sword and Shield be able to stay at #1? Anyone care to venture a guess?


I would've sword Pokémon was just a fad!

Since this time of year is pretty slow game release wise, I think it'll hold for a couple more weeks.

Don't be too sure on that part. This is Pokemon we're talking about and with the season pass coming along, this will still sell well no matter what.


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