Super Crush KO panel announced for GDC 2020

Insight into the game's development struggles

Vertex Pop has just released Super Crush KO for Switch, which might lead you to think they're getting some much-needed R&R right now. While that's partially true, the team also has something else lined up for March 2020. They'll be giving a special panel on the game at GDC 2020 entitled "Overcoming Creative Block on 'Super Crush KO'." Check out the official synopsis of that panel below.

After dealing with a year-long burnout, Gabby DaRienzo was able to find resources and tools to help her overcome her creative block and start feeling inspired productive, and confident in making game art again. This resulted in the beautiful, colourful, anime-inspired game Super Crush KO. In this talk, Gabby will talk about where this block came from, how it affected her work on Super Crush KO, share what tools and practices worked for her in overcoming her burnout, and provide advice for other game developers who may deal with creative block in the future.


Audience members will learn what creative block - particularly with regard to art, but in general - is and why it happens, and how to overcome it using both practical exercises and techniques, as well as effective mental health practices.

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