Mario Kart Wii error accidentally puts mouths on Donkey Kong's feet

Foot and mouth disease

The weirder the bit of trivia, the more it intrigues me. That's why today's finding has me absolutely giddy. It doesn't get much weirder than this.

In Mario Kart Wii, it appears Nintendo made a mistake that lead to a texture issue. When selecting Donkey Kong on the character select screen, you can see a slight issue with Donkey Kong's feet. Turns out a texture issue has lead to Donkey Kong's mouth texture being applied to his feet. It's one of those things you probably never noticed in-game, but now can't unsee it!

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Supper Mario Broth is a great account, it always has very intriguing tidbits.

Sat Feb 01 20 09:29pm
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I wish GoNintendo shared SupperMarioBroth more often--this is one but many in daily gems that account gives to us.


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