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Pokemon Home dealing with a number of glitches

Be careful, trainers
by rawmeatcowboy
12 February 2020
GN Version 5.0

Pokemon Home came out last night, and millions of people were quick to grab the app on either mobile or Switch. Unfortunately, it seems there are a few different bugs that need to be worked out. Whether they're related to the influx of users or underlying issues remains to be seen.

We mentioned the login issue from yesterday, which is giving people who use password managers problems, but logging in manually seems to assuage those hiccups.

There's also a bit of a problem with crashes, which aren't giving out any error messages at all. The app just randomly crashes, forcing users to log back in. After a bit more time with the app, it ends up crashing again. Since users have no insight into what's causing these crashes, hopefully Pokemon Co. can sniff out the root of the issue.

The worst error cropping up might be when players try to transfer their Pokemon Bank into Home, which is spitting out Error 992. This error causes your Pokemon collection to not appear in Pokemon Bank or Pokemon Home. That's obviously the scariest glitch out there right now, causing many users to hang back from jumping in on Home just yet.