Japan - Nintendo Switch Online members can try Dead Cells for free starting February 24

From February 24 until March 1, Japanese Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to play Dead Cells as much as they like. You can play it from start to finish with no restrictions on what they can explored. If you like what you're seeing, you then purchase Dead Cells for a discount price until March 8. Instead of the usual 2580 yen, the game will be 1736 yen. Your save data will even carry over!

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Man, when is the rest of the world getting this kind of service?

NoA is still sore at us for letting Wii U bomb and calling for Iwata's head over it. So never I'd say.

Around the same time NA's My Nintendo service doesnt suck ass, we start getting western owned characters in Smash (Banjo, K.Rool, Diddy, and Dark Samus not withstanding as they have heavy ties to Nintendo), NOA starts selling OST's, and NA gets a Nintendo exclusive store thats as big as the Tokyo one as well as Pokemon Centers and Kirby cafes..

So never.

Mon Feb 17 20 01:31pm
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They did it last year. Japan was able to download and play the full version of Captain Toad for a week and then have the option of buying it for a discounted price, and North America and Europe got Mario Tennis Aces instead.

So, it's not that they don't do it, it's more that they don't do it often enough.

edit: Here's what I'm talking about

I didn't remember the Mario Tennis Aces thing because I already owned the game. It would be neat if they did it again.


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