Voice of Claude in Fire Emblem: Three Houses shows off his cosplay for the character

Dedicated to the role

Joe Zieja is the voice actor for Claude in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Zieja has really been feeling the love for his work in the game, and feels quite a special attachment to the character. That should be quite obvious when checking out the pictures above, which show Zieja in his custom Claude cosplay! The pictures were shared along with a message from Zieja to his many fans, thanking them for the support.


I haven't played the game, but I imagine it would be quite the experience to hear him use the character's voice while cosplaying as the character.

Claude is the best of the three. You should totally get the game when you have the chance.

I wonder about the other characters..especially the ones who voiced Mirianne and Ignatz.

It's always cool to see VA who are really into their roles. Alot of them you can tell just don't know anything about the overall product they were involved with.


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