Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Direct stream and live blog

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct is upon us, and it brings tons of details on the upcoming title. You will find everything discussed below...

Part 1: Getaway Package

- upon arrival, you will be greeted by nature

- players can decide layout of the town, and their preferred hemisphere

- showcase for the different environments

- orientation session from Nook staff, you get a tent and meet the two villagers

- set up home base for you and other villagers

- two facilities available from the beginning

- Resident Services: open 24 hours a day to purchase and sell goods. Free DIY workshops. You need to learn the DIY recipe, which is an item in your pocket

- DIY item customization allows you to apply your own deisgns and unique colors

- Airport: Talk to Orville in to interact with islands locally and from around the world. Also offers in-game postal service

- Special service 1: basics like tent and lamp. Of course, the NookPhone too.

- Special service 2: daily speeches from Tom Nook about events

- Special service 3: Nook Mileage program gives you ideas on experiences. Earn miles to pay debt and obtain items

- Dangerous creatures like bees, scorpions. Medicines can be purchased from Resident Services

- Nightime and shores can give you access to unique characters

- Rescue Service will you bring back to safety in an instant

- initial house building is 98,000 bells, allows you to put stuff in storage

- freely decorate with tons of options, plenty of expansion options

- Nook Miles tickets can be used to travel to distant islands, small deserted islands with tons of items to collect

- eight players can live on one island. With Party Play, you can play up to four players and explore the island together. Items will end in the Recycle Bin

- Nintendo Switch Online app allows you to scan QR codes, plus the ones from the older Nintendo 3DS games. You can chat and talk with other players as well. Coming in March 2020

Part 2: Deserted Islands Developments

- more animal residents coming eventually, you can set the location for their house

- additional facilities like a Museum, dedicated shops and a campground will come eventually

- Resident Services expansion sees it change into a building eventually, decide the location of shops as well

- Remodels are done by Isabelle

- Harvey, Labelle, Celeste, Daisy Mae, Kicks, C.J, Flick and more characters are shown off

- Free updates are coming to the game, which adds more events

- ladders used to climb to reach higher places first

- build bridges, slopes and paths to create the town you want

- you can change the environment by creating new ground, or removing edges

Part 3: FAQ section

- each user lives together on a shared island on one Nintendo Switch

- game supports amiibo and amiibo cards, these characters will come to the camping ground. Special photo option where you can play with all

- you can enter a password for online sessions, so you don't have to enter a friendcode. Only Best Friends can use tools

- once again, a special service will be available for those who damage or lose their Switch

- free update coming after launch with free seasonal events, Bunny Day included

- Pocket Camp promotion to earn items in both games

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Sounds like they're gonna pull a Kirby and release the other 3rd of the game in later updates

Thu Feb 20 20 09:28am
Rating: 1

No cloud saves... have to be a special case for them to pull YOUR DATA from a server back up.

The incompetence of Nintendo really knows no bounds.

Thu Feb 20 20 10:06am
Rating: 1

Well, do you consider that a dealbreaker? If not, I gotta say, I don’t see that as more incompetence than maliciousness, the latter of which is much more common in the gams industry.

Holy crap the museum looks amazing.

Game looks great but seems kinda rushed. With the lack of holidays, not all amiibo being supported, and town staple stores/buildings not being available at launch all being released in future updates. I get it the game was already delayed and if Nintendo hadn't released it in March their first quarter would've been COMPLETELY empty and dry.

BUT I'm kinda getting sick of this model Nintendo seems to be going with where they release an incomplete product for full price at launch and then give the rest of the content out later and use the excuse of "keeping the game fresh". They did it with ARMS, Mario Maker/2, Splatoon/2, Kirby Star Allies, and Mario Tennis Aces..

Count your blessings, man. At least they’re not paywalling them behind a season pass.

Thu Feb 20 20 10:08am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

You and I must have interpreted that part very differently because to me it sounds more like the stores and such are already in the game at launch but you need to build up your island to convince the shops to show up. Because why would they have already set up shop on a deserted island that had no residents until Tom Nook brought the player and a small handful of people there?

The way I see it on the holiday updates is I hope this means we'll get new holiday items yearly as opposed to it being the same every year.

BIG EDIT: Someone pointed out a likely reason why the holidays are being added via updates is so people can't "time scum" like they used to in older games.

Well if that's the case that makes since and is much better however the direct didn't specify that clearly enough to me.

That’s a really good idea to disable the possibility of time scumming the game. You know YouTubers will just post the New Years, Xmas, Halloween events and allow people to just experience a years’ events in a couple hours.

Best case scenario: this allows these holidays to not be static every year, meaning Halloween 2020 and Halloween 2021 could be *different* events.

The narrator was speaking as a member of Nook's company. So by saying "we will be adding" she means that the company in game will develop the island along with you in the game, not that Nintendo will be adding it to the game. The events, as some mentioned, are probably so that everyone experiences them at the same time to avoid time scumming, not that they are not in the game already. Though I do wonder how that will work out for the future of the game in the long term after online support for the game stops existing.
But yeah they could have used another way of narrating the direct as this will leave some people confused.

It's funny that you say it seems rushed, because this game took forever to come out if you take into consideration that Wii U didn't have an Animal Crossing game.

I’m about 85% sold, which is up significantly from 5% last night. The only questions are, can you die, and, more importantly, will they sneak microtransactions in after launch?

Gotta say though...this game has some nice looking haybales...

Seriously though, I think the direct won me over, the house designing is SO much better than the last two I playes

Very underwhelming direct, but I'm still looking forward to the game because I love Animal Crossing. The increased customization is nice but nothing about this was surprising or revolutionary. The whole 27 minutes I was thinking "Well this sure is a hell of a lot of Animal Crossing." Nintendo is playing it safe.

Definitely glad I decided to sleep and watch later. Not worth getting up early or staying up late for.


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