Animal Crossing: New Horizons to bring back message bottles, new details on Nook Phone and the Museum shared

Blathers returns!

Show-goers at PAX East are getting some hands-on time with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and that's leading to some new details. Here's some new info that's been gleaned from the show demo.

- message bottles return, and you can once again attach items to them
- you can buy a custom phone case for your Nook Phone
- Blathers needs 15 items to open the Museum


I was curious about the museum. I worried that you wouldn't be able to build one for a while, so for the first couple of months it would be useless to catch bugs and fish that you wanted in the museum. But it sounds like you can start donating specimens before you have one... at least as soon as you have access to Blathers, I guess.

If only they brought back the NES games from the original AC. Or just do us one better and make a tiny Gamecube that we can play the original Animal Crossing in New Horizons.

Given the NES NSO app, that may not be a necessary use of space. But I remembered that in the New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo update, they did include an AC version of Puzzle League, and the Island Escape mini game from Amiibo Festival.

More things along that route would be pretty cool in New Horizons.

The NES games made more sense on the Gamecube game because Nintendo wasn't actively selling them in some capacity on that system, but by the time of City Folk they had a whole store dedicated to selling older games so it was seen as an unnecessary use of resources. Given you need NSO to play New Horizons online I'm sure the response a Nintendo rep would give is "dude you're paying $20 a year for NSO, just download the NES games app already. Why is it it necessary for you to have to access these NES games specifically within Animal Crossing as opposed to a dedicated NES games application?"

I'm not quite sure if I got this right - so is it possible to send letters with items to friends online?


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