Jakks Pacific 2020 release schedule for Mario toys revealed

A major lineup for 2020

Jakks Pacific had a large lineup of Nintendo-related toys to show off at Toy Fair 2020, and that included a new range of Mario items. Check out the schedule of Mario toys from the company below, and a gallery of pictures here.

Spring 2020

2.5-Inch Figures

- Mario (New)
- Luigi (New)
- Cheep Cheep (New)(Not listed as Yellow but I'm assuming so.)
- Odyssey Mario
- Piranha Plant

4-Inch Figures

- Blue Shy Guy (New)
- Magikoopa (New)
- Yellow Yoshi (New)
- Mario
- Odyssey Mario

Mario Kart Racers

- Mario
- Luigi
- Shy Guy
- Yoshi

Playsets for 2.5-Inch Figures

- Underwater Diorama Set - Includes Mario, Cheep Cheep, and Blooper figures.
- Underwater Playset - Includes Mario figure.
- Deluxe Underwater Playset - Includes Mario figure.

Fall 2020

2.5-Inch Figures

- Yellow Yoshi (New)
- Fire Mario (New)
- Raccoon Mario
- Bob-Omb
- Red Koopa Troopa

4-Inch Figures

- Ice Luigi (New)
- Odyssey Mario (New)
- Red Koopa Paratroopa
- Iggy Koopa
- Raccoon Mario

It's-A Me, Mario!

- 12-Inch tall Toy with fabric overalls, 13 points of articulations, 20 phrases, sound effects, and five songs from the games.
- Playsets for 2.5-Inch Figures
- Super Mario Underground Diorama - Includes Ice Mario, Green Koopa Troopa, and Spike Top figures.
- Super Mario Underground Playset - Includes Ice Mario Figure.
- Deluxe Boo Mansion Playset (TARGET EXCLUSIVE) - Includes Fire Mario figure.

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