Pokemon Sword and Shield players in Japan name their favorite starter, new Pokemon, and characters

Do you agree with the results?

This week's issue of Famitsu includes the results of a poll for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Fans of the title were asked a number of questions about their favorite characters and Pokemon, and you can find the results of the poll below.

What starter Pokemon did you choose?

1. Sobble
2. Scorbunny
3. Grookey

What's your favorite new Pokemon?

1. Corviknight
2. Alcremie
3. Yamper
4. Inteleon
5. Toxtricity
6. Wooloo

Who's your favorite character?

1. Marnie
2. Hop
3. Raihan
4. Bede
5. Piers
6. Leon
7. Kabu

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