Yacht Club shares a new dev blog detailing how Shovel Knight NPC sprites are made

It's not as easy as you'd think!

There was a time when creating sprites was becoming a bit of a lost art, but thankfully indie devs brought sprites back into favor, and now countless devs/pubs of all sizes release titles with classic sprite work. One of the most impressive sprite-based titles is certainly Shovel Knight, and Yacht Club has just shared a blog that gives some insight into how NPC sprites are made. Check out a blurb from the blog below, then click over for the full piece.

A lot of thought goes into creating all of the characters you interact with during the course of a Shovel Knight adventure! You may have asked yourself: How does Yacht Club decide on a character design? Do they sketch out ideas first or go right to making sprites? Why are there so many horse people?

Some questions don’t have easy answers, but today we can at least shine some light on our process of creating and animating an NPC (non-player character ) for Shovel Knight: King of Cards⁠

Full blog here

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That was a fascinating read. I'm currently working on a game of my own, so it's interesting to see the similarities and differences in some of the more basic processes.

Some of them look like Adventure Time rejects, though.


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