Composer Yuzo Koshiro says his name appeared on title screens because his Mom told him to do it

Mother knows best

Back in the 80s and 90s, game publishers were super restrictive with crediting people who worked on games. Most of the time, you'd see made-up names appear in the credits, leaving you no clue as to who actually worked on a title. Things were different for Yuzo Koshiro though, as his name appeared on numerous title screens with a composer credit. How did that come about?

Koshiro was asked about his name being on the title screens via Twitter, and he revealed that the idea wasn't even his own!

Looks like Koshiro's mom knew what was up! I bet he's glad she convinced him to do it, and SEGA was okay with it. It helped spread his name far and wide, and landed him gigs all over the industry!

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Thu Mar 12 20 10:32am
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