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Development of Inazuma Eleven Heroes’ Great Road is in a "difficult situation", Akihiro Hino hopes to provide an update by April

Making games is hard work
by nintendojam
18 March 2020
GN Version 5.0

It has been a bumpy road for development of Inazuma Eleven Heroes’ Great Road at Level 5, but hopefully we finally get an official update on how things are going soon. Akihiro Hino, CEO of Level 5, wishes to provide us with more information by April. New promotional artwork has also been released, and you can view the full image above. Check out the translation of what Hino had to say (courtesy of JapaneseNintendo and BlackKite) below.

“You have been waiting too long for Inazuma Eleven Heroes’ Great Road, but it’s just as you have guessed: We also had things like changing the engine, and the development is in a difficult situation. I hope I can announce its directions like in what form it will be released, sometime by April. This picture has not been revealed before. Please wait a bit more.”