Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy may come to Switch on March 26th, 2020

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We haven't heard anything about Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy in quite some time, but it seems we might be in store for a surprise release this week. Sony's official website says that Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is heading to PS4 on March 26th, 2020. It seems very likely the game will hit the same day on Switch. Certainly makes for a nice surprise launch during a Nintendo Direct, doesn't it?!


Sun Mar 22 20 01:10am
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The date in the title is a bit off.

Ha...my mistake. I was thinking that we last heard about the game around January, and I had a brain fart!

Sun Mar 22 20 01:22am
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Still waiting for Jedi Knight 1...

*sigh* ...always nice to see the real canon getting some acknowledgement... would it really kill Disney to turn the Thrawn Trilogy into GCI movies at least?

Real canon? lol.

Also, check out Rebels to get your Thrawn fix. Pretty sure there are a few new books about him, too.

Sun Mar 22 20 12:50pm
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You like Disney's trashy rehashes and joke characters, that's your problem... what I grew up with will always be better than that messy attempt to reduce the franchise to another MCU cash cow...

And there's a lot more to the Thrawn trilogy than just Thrawn... like treating Star Wars with respect... not throwing away the progress made in previous movies because "we need Rebels vs Empire again"... moving the franchise into new and interesting directions instead of blatant rehashing and pandering... not treating older characters like a disposable crutch to hold up disposable new characters... a plot that actually makes sense and isn't built on ass-pulls and BS... vital information being a part of the story and not revealed later through social media... and so on...

I don't have a problem. Smile I enjoy all of Star Wars.

This game still has the best lightsaber combat ever programmed.

Sun Mar 22 20 07:46am
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Ac is out now, so a Direct is not only welcome, but kinda beeded. E3 is cancelled also, so...

Sun Mar 22 20 01:59pm
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Yeah a Direct about now would be really nice.

Sun Mar 22 20 05:12pm
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I understand that a lot of shit has happened/not happened because of the virus madness and it was perhaps not a good time to go forward with a Direct, but now with all the shut-downs and people being home a Direct could get some people excited for some games and all.... And AC is out!

That's the same reason I think it'd be good to put one out right now, give people something nice to focus on for a bit.

Mon Mar 23 20 05:11am
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Exactly. No is the time. The corona shit wont go away/spread more if a Direct is coming in. It would probabl be a "blessing" for some. But hey! It's not exactly easy either.

Ah I haven't played Jedi Academy in a while. Ah my backlog is too big to go back yet

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