Nintendo says Animal Crossing: New Horizons' post-launch content development schedule may shift due to coronavirus

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may have just launched a few days ago, but people are already looking forward to checking out seasonal events and more. Nintendo is working hard on that content, but they may have to shift release scheduling due to the coronavirus.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Nintendo has said that work continues on Animal Crossing: New Horizons post-launch content, but that could change if the coronavirus situation worsens. Director Aya Kyogoku had this to say.

“We’re not sure if we have to shift anything, but I think we have to be flexible."

That sentiment was echoed by producer Hisashi Nogami.

"In terms of the development team, I do have to think about their health and well-being as well.”


Obviously it is FAR more important that the developers all remain healthy, but I am curious as to how they will do this, with some events ideally being ready for specific days. Whatever happens, it's great to see health being the priority here.

I reckon that the bigger holidays like maybe Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc are all coded into the game but will get unlocked by a tiny unlock key download during the real time event. I think this refers to more adhoc events and DLC rather than the common events seen in previous games.

While I don't doubt the schedule will be affected I'm also just curious what that schedule entails. There are so so so many mainstay Animal Crossing elements missing from this game that it feels kinda barren. Like most of the iconic AC NPCs are missing despite having amiibo that can be scanned for posters meaning a lot of services and shops are gone for now, so I wonder what the future of this game is gonna look like.

Mon Mar 23 20 10:32pm
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Agreed and sadly this seems like Nintendo's MO nowadays. Release new titles in franchises with less things than the previous and just add them later via updates/DLC.

This game is missing Gyros, The Roost, Crazy Redd/Paintings, missing mainstay characters like Rover, and Kapp'n, etc. Holidays are tied to updates now.

Even with all of this missing I still really enjoy this game and is a top 5 Switch game. I just wish current Nintendo would stop this trend with releasing "sorta complete" games that started with Splatoon.


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