RUMOR - Resident Evil 3 Remake datamine suggests that the game is coming to Switch

According to a recent datamine, a Nintendo Switch version of Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake may soon be available. Given the fact that there are lines of code in the game that suggest that players will be able to visit a console's digital game store, including Nintendo's, it seems to suggest that if nothing else, Capcom at least considered bringing the game to Switch at one point. Some have speculated that the game may be available only through a cloud-based service, which would be similar to have a similar game, Resident Evil 7, was made available for Switch. For the time being, this shall have to remain as a mysterious line of code until Capcom makes an official comment.

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I mean they’ve brought every mainline game besides 2 to Switch (in some capacity), plus two spin offs...surely there’s a demand for new(ish) Resi games after all that. How well this and 2 Remake would run is anyone’s guess but after seeing games like Witcher 3 play (and play great, all things considered) I’m sure it could be done. Time to stop giving us scraps Capcom!

RE3 and Code Veronica are also mainline games, so not everyone of them, right?. But yeah, most of them.

Aha forgot about Code Veronica! And yeah I just missed RE3 since that’s the game in question haha.

Knowing our luck we’ll end up getting the GameCube versions of 2 and 3...though I’m sure some people would still happy with having those on Switch...

Of course, the GC versions are awesome! But I suspect most of us that think so already played them. But yeah, RE3 is a great blend of action and horror, more so than RE4, which is just action. I wouldn't argue 3 is a better game than 4, but that feeling of being hunted is really good.

Games like Doom and the Witcher look so ugly when crunched down to Switch, but if they sell then oh well!

Yeah, but they are still just as fun to play.

If there's no other alternative it's fine (if they don't crash or perform incredibly poorly (30fps isn't incredibly poorly))

Probably just spare code that wasn't taken out.

Why make extra code like that if it wasn't a possibility?

Tue Mar 24 20 10:56am
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It could be reused from another game

So for example if they were using the same game engine for multiple games and just left it in without noticing?

It's just a link to the store, right?
Would that even need the same engine?

It'd be engine related. RE3R is made using the RE Engine, which was used for most of the recent Resident Evils. Some of them are available on the Switch, so this could very easily be code for connecting to the eshop that was never taken out since it's just a generic part of engine functionality.

If 2 couldn't make it, what makes you so sure that 3 can?

Tue Mar 24 20 11:01am
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LOL what!? They havent even ported over RE7 and RE2: Remake yet. Why jump straight to 3 remake? Also I doubt the games would run that well on Switch. It will probably be another lame cloud only version if it does come. That being said if I didnt already own all these games on my PS4 I would get them on Switch if they were to come though doubt it..

The cloud version of 7 didn't do well, so it's possible they are looking to a downgraded port as an option.

That would be nice, but I have my doubts. The absence of Resident Evil 2 in any form (on Nintendo Switch) doesn't bode well.

I mean we have 4 and Rev which are my favorite games from the series but sure, that would be neat.
Considering the fact that Capcom hasn't put any real effort on the Switch though, we don't even have a real monster hunter yet even though it really should be a given on that machine, I would not hold my breath too much.


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