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Sony working to pull a wider range of Nintendo-related IP from Dreams following Mario content removal

A nightmare for Sony
by rawmeatcowboy
24 March 2020
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A few days back, we broke the story of Sony removing a Mario-related game from Dreams at Nintendo's request. Nintendo doesn't want to see Mario experiences recreated by Dreams users, nor his likeness appearing in the game. Many suspected that was just the beginning, and it turns out that's indeed the case.

Sony has confirmed to GamesIndustry that they're working to pull a wider range of Nintendo IP from Dreams at Nintendo's request. Specifics on the content being removed was not given, but it's likely that any Nintendo-related content is part of the removal process. Check out Sony's statement on the matter below.

"Sony Interactive Entertainment is notifying the affected users that an IP Infringement Notice has been received from Nintendo and that the content will be removed. We cannot comment on volume of content to be removed, this is done on an individual case by case basis."