Koei Tecmo says their collaborations with Nintendo have been important, and "increased their reputation"

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In recent years, Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have teamed up to work on spin-offs for some of Nintendo's biggest brands. The two companies worked together on Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors, which both turned out to be successful endeavors. In an interview with Gamesindustry, Koei Tecmo CEO Hisashi Koinuma explains just how valuable those collaborations were.

Perhaps the most remarkable of the subsequent collaborations were those with Nintendo, which entrusted Koei Tecmo first with the Zelda IP for Hyrule Warriors, and then with the Fire Emblem IP for Fire Emblem Warriors. "Being trusted with these big brands has been important," says Koinuma. "I think we now have a special reputation for working well with other companies... These collaborations have increased our reputation and image, and have given us a chance to establish ourselves as a company that can be trusted with big franchises."


Wed Mar 25 20 05:51pm
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I put an unreasonable amount of time into Hyrule Warriors, and would really like a follow-up.

Wed Mar 25 20 06:11pm
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Hyrule Warriors 2: Groose on the Loose, please.

Go ahead, KT, talk about that other game and how it helped you.

Metroid Other M is a good game. Not a metroidvania until close to the end but a great game nonetheless. I was very surprised to see bosses from Metroid 2 and 3 (Queen Metroid and Phantoon).

That's where you're wrong, kiddo.

Wed Mar 25 20 07:33pm
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The biggest problem with Other M was the ditzy story... and I'm pretty sure it wasn't KT who wrote it...

I nope'd out of the game for only using the wiimote's horrid little d-pad for movement. I could maybe tolerate it if it was a strictly 2.5D game, but it's not.

Personally I had no problems with the D-pad an NES like controllers. Seems the game was kinda made for it and very well done, but the pointer thing was frustrating at times. Should have had an Wiimote/nunchuck option.

'the biggest problem' ignores every thing else with the game, including the fact that it's not a Metroid game.

Wed Mar 25 20 08:51pm
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They need to either do another warriors with Nintendo has, the ip of or sequels on Zelda and fire emblem. Would not mind another gundam warrior one for the switch xd.

Mario could work has characters. I think Dk has not enough along with Metroid, I think animal crossing not a good fit, smash bro’s warrior edition would be interesting.

What does "DK has not enough" mean? Are you saying DK cant have a Warriors game because it doesnt have enough characters? Boy are you wrong...

- Donkey Kong
- Diddy Kong
- Dixie Kong
- Cranky Kong
- Wrinkly Kong
- Candy Kong
- Tiny Kong
- Lanky Kong
- Kiddy Kong
- Chunky Kong
- Funky Kong
- Swanky Kong
- King K.Rool
- Krusha
- Klump
- Taj the Genie
- Wizpig

All these characters could utilize their special moves from DK64, musical instruments, Fruit guns, and personality traits. K.Rool has his many personas they could pull from for his movesets.

The story is simple theirs a 5 way War going for the Kongs Banana hoard as well as DK Island. Its Kongs vs. Kremlings vs. Tikis vs. Snowmads vs. The evil Kongs from Jungle Beat. You're mowing down countless DK mooks.

A DK Musou game would actually work extremely well.

Not really sure Nintendo owns Taj and Wizpig... also not sure anyone would really want a couple of minions like Krusha or Klump as playable... also also not sure people would really care to play as half of those characters...

@JD I didnt care about playing as half the characters in both Hyrule and Fire Emblem Warriors but still did/didnt mind they were their. I never once cared to play as Agitha, Ruto, or freakin Linkle.

Linkle literally got into the game due to fan demand.

Thu Mar 26 20 12:44am
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Most of the characters in Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors at least had some respectable part in their game of origin... people invested time to get to know them and like them and remember them easily...

Most of the characters you listed exist just to host some minor diversion and have little to no other function... I can't imagine a whole lot of people really knows them or cares about them. The point I'm getting at: only a small fraction of this roster will appeal to anyone beyond the most die-hard Donkey Kong fans... and in a game where a large roster of popular characters is a major selling point, how do you sell a roster no one knows?

Thu Mar 26 20 12:55am
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No one knows DK characters? Nintendo's 5th best selling franchise of all time? Every DKC game released on the SNES ended up in the top 10 best sellers on the system. DK64 sold over 5 million copies on N64. Returns sold over 6 million copies and Tropical Freeze sold over 3 million. Diddy Kong Racing sold 6 million copies on N64 and got a DS remake and yes Nintendo owns Taj and Wizpig or else they would've been removed in the DS remake ala Banjo and Conker. Also DK is getting a land at Nintendo World before either Zelda or Fire Emblem. King K.Rool was a top voted character in the Smash Ballot. Their is a demand for DK and its characters and fans as well as Nintendo need to stop downplaying DK's significance as an IP.

You could say the same thing about both the other Nintendo Warriors games half the characters in BOTH rosters no one would care about unless you're hardcore into both series. The whole point of these games is to throw fanservice at you. So not really getting your point there.

Also DK is getting a land at Nintendo World before either Zelda or Fire Emblem.

Universal has access to 1 IP for the theme park: Mario.
Donkey Kong is part of the Mario franchise.

Man I hate this statement SOO much even if Nintendo likes to treat DK like its a Mario spin-off series nowadays even if its ACTUALLY the other way around. Mario is a spin-off of DK.

If Nintendo hadn't killed the franchises brand identity after Rare was sold to Microsoft no one would be saying DK is a Mario sub-series. Back in the 90's everyone viewed DK as its own thing and I still do but now people view DK as on the same level as like Yoshi or Luigi's Mansion. Even though DK has far more of its own identity than those 2 series.

DK was in Mario Karts, Parties, and Sports games before Rare left.
As it pertains to the theme parks, or likely even any movies, they are not, and have never been, legally distinct.

Thu Mar 26 20 01:20am
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*sigh* ...you know what, forget it... you're obviously too stubborn to see the obvious flaws in your logic, the difference between a character who appears for one whole screen vs. a character integral to the plot of a major story driven game, the fact that DK is still technically part of the Mario IP, or why one popular character doesn't make for a popular cast of characters...

FYI, the simplest explanation for why Conker and Banjo were removed from the DS version of DKR is because they're stars of their own distinct franchises and thus technically crossover characters... Taj and Wizpig on the other hand, like the rest of the original characters in DKR, were made as part of DKR... and before you bring up Tiptup, even assuming it's the same Tiptup and not just another turtle named Tiptup, in both cases he's no more significant to DKR or Banjo-Kazooie than characters like Candy, Wrinkly and Swanky are to DKC...

Yeah we can just agree to disagree cause you too are to stubborn to see the flaws in your logic as well. Anyway have a good night (if you're in the same time zone I am its 1:30 AM over here). Smile

Personally I think Kid Icarus makes more sense for a warriors game based on Uprising. What would it be called? Palutena Warriors?

Kid Icarus Warriors? ...and maybe... although the entire roster revolving around a single game in a fairly obscure three game franchise doesn't sound like a big seller to me...

What I'd really like is a Warriors game that is just a big crossover of Nintendo's fantasy IPs. You could have Zelda, Fire Emblem, and even Xenoblade headline it while having characters from other older series like Kid Icarus show up as well.

No one here seems to mention a thing about Fire Emblem Three Houses and how they seem to make a good FE story...


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