2K clarifies what is/isn't on the game cards for BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition, XCOM 2 Collection, and Borderlands Legendary Collection

A bit of a mixed bag

2K revealed BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition, XCOM 2 Collection, and Borderlands Legendary Collection for Switch today, and they're seeing retail releases. There will indeed be game cards, but each one is going to require some sort of download. Check out full details on what will need to be downloaded below.

The physical game contains an 16GB cartridge including the opening acts of BioShock Remastered, BioShock 2 Remastered, and BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition. Later game contents and add-ons will need to be downloaded.

The XCOM 2 Collection physical game contains an 8GB cartridge that features two base game missions. A download is required for the rest of the Total download size will not exceed 24GB.

The physical game contains an 8GB cartridge that features Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, with a 6.6GB download required. For Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel a 35GB download is required

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Thu Mar 26 20 11:14am
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You want to be physical? Cool. You want to be digital-only? Fine.
This half and half stuff, however, is gross.

Time for a new SD Card.

As much as I hate needing all that space, it is refreshingly surprising to see a company doing such a comprehensive job explaining this matters so clearly.

Thu Mar 26 20 11:14am
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You want to be physical? Cool. You want to be digital-only? Fine.
This half and half stuff, however, is gross.

They literally can't do much about it. the borderlands collection wouldn't fit on any cart in the world, even a 32gb one with a price hike. Code in box makes people irate even though it gets the point of exposure on retail across, so a card where you just have to hit an update button to get your games is a much better alternative in this situation. I do think they could have just put Bioshock 1 on the cart and left the others off it, though, but that's just me.

Thu Mar 26 20 11:42pm
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My point is that this method combines the most annoying aspects of both physical and digital collecting, the need to swap carts and the need for storage space.

I mean, yeah. But even vanilla games still require storage space, even minor amounts, since nearly everything these days gets updated. It's just not many of these updates are massive like these weird cart hybrids.

Yep. There goes my borderland purchase.

35GB Download?
Sorry, that's too much.


Pure scum. I don't even buy physical games anymore, and even I think this is BS. Why even bother buying the physical copies at all? You literally can't even finish one Bioshock game in that collection without downloading most of the game.

Because if Outer Worlds is anything to go by, people will bitch if it's a code in the box on a retail shelf, even though the purpose of a store shelf giving some attention is the same. And digital only will just make it less exposed to people considering these are big retail titles typically.

People should blame Nintendo's decision to use such expensive media for games...

Publishers have been running away from Switch because of limited hardware and expensive costs... But when they come, people complain for their decisions to adjust hardware limitations while keep costs resonable...

But the ever unanswered question remains: What other media could/should they have used for a hybrid which is also save for pirating?

Maybe that was the only media available, and that would make neither Nintendo nor publishers guilty for the decision to force downloads on retail products.

Could have used simple SD cards for all I know, but the piracy would have turned of the Switch. And digital only is out of the question... It just looks like the best option for it's time to me.

I agree with you... so why do we need to complain on publishers decision?
They just need to deal with hardware limitations in a financial sustainable way...

Fri Mar 27 20 08:12pm
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Because they CAN use a bigger cart and if they want sales they also should. The Witcher 3 is that perfect example. I would have gotten the Bioshock series for Switch if it was all oone cart, but now the wait for info is over and I'll get it for the PS4 instead. Just to mention some examples.

God, if you need a 41GB download for Borderlands, just make them separate SKUs. I would have preferred to pay more for three $25-30 games than one $50 one that needed this.

That's not even quite a 41 GB: If you go digital, then I assume it would be nearing 50 which is insane. There are separate SKUS for the Borderlands/Bioshock games however, but the borderland games are probably not gonna be that much of a help. It sounds like B1 is 16 gb or so, while they mentioned The Handsome Collection is 35GB. They literally can't do a thing about it as not even a 32GB card (Which would hike the price) would fit both. I do like when it's just a minor update and not a one use download code though.

*sigh* Well I'll wait to see if at least the ports run good before I make a decision then. Cause I really wanted to play those but this half assed approach really puts me off buying this. I'd rather pay an extra and have everything on the card, especially for such high caliber games, rather than pay less and have a card that is basically useless because none of the games included are even complete on it. Bioshock is the one I was looking forward to the most and now I'm not even sure I want it if my purchase will stop working in a few years time, when the eShop is gone for good. SD cards aren't eternal and they die, eventually.

So I'll be getting BIO on PS4 and all, unless they add some Switch specific stuff like gyro or HD Rumble then. But it is still great to see the Bioshock games reach a new audience since they are some (first two, havent played Infinite yet) best games ever made.

Hoping ofr a VR version one day... Give me Rapture VR!!!!

If you subscribe to PS+ they just gave BioShock Collection not that long ago.
And I agree a VR version would be awesome.

I would love to and eve subscribe to PS+ for it....But I have but 200GB/month internet, so that's a no go. But thanks ayway =)

Bioshock needs a VR version. Seriously! Rapture in VR would be just too good.

I think I'm going with XCom on this since it's a game I hear works good for handheld sessions and I never played the series before. That and it would take up way more space on my PC than I'd like so I'm willing to sacrifice the achievements for the sake of a game I can play to the end more reliably. Maybe Bioshock too if those games are any good, and Borderlands isn't really my thing. I have the SD card space for all of them but even I feel they should have maybe stuck bioshock 1 on the cart, the others off it.

Then again it's just a simple plus button click away to get the games and enjoy them so if it's not a one use code nonsense, I'm fine with this. They'll be easy to update and the only problem is space which is a huge deal for borderlands as they won't even fit on a switch without an SD card. Still, this is the future more than likely when next gen comes around.

Ok...why can't they just add the whole game on the cart when Nintendo has now done the 64 GB size?

Because those are barely available and 32Gb are still crazy expensive. A 64 GB cart would hike up the game price to an absurd amount and makes more sense for a compilation with tons and tons of games

So then why would third parties ever bother to make them physical? Its not like they have to and having it on the SD card would make a lot of sense for them.

Besides, why not just let them release their games digital only? That way, everyone wins.

Because if Outer Worlds is any indication, people will bitch if it's not a cart, even if it's just a basic plus button push to actually get to play the whole thing. It's really a vicious cycle nobody can really escape from really, and Nintendo going with Carts over mini-discs or an actual disk drive and making the system docked-only for physical stuff is pretty much the cause. Not that there's much other option, and carts are an easy way to make it usable in both modes with little hassle, but yeah. I don't mind digital games if the games are good, but even I try to hold back from buying digital only games that are $40+ if I can get a cart in my case.

That's utter ass. Keep your filthy downloads to yourself 2K!
Not even using 16 GB cards for X-COM and Borderlands is simply disgusting.

Fri Mar 27 20 04:15am
(Updated 1 time)

Im all digital on Switch. I own 150+ Switch games spread out between 4 microsd cards. Looks like my 5th microsd card (another 256gb card) will be filled up rather quickly with both the Bioshock and Borderlands collections. As well as whenever The Outer Worlds and Doom Eternal drop on Switch.

I will say dealing with downloads on Switch can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Too many games require too many big updates so I spend a lot of time on the home menu waiting for shit to update. Im also in the minority because most people dont have as many games as I do. Games like Mortal Kombat 11 every update make you require to have at least 8gb available cause it rewrites/redownloads big chunks of the entire game. So I have to archive a game thats around that file size only to redownload it once the update is complete. Its really annoying.

We're supposed to be getting 64GB carts this year, but I doubt many publishers will use them when you can just be cheap like this. And these are old games, so the cost of porting them should already be low.


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