Pokemon Co. Shares Dynamax Pokémon Battle Strategies for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Take your strategies to the max

Dynamax Pokemon battles are a big part of Pokemon Sword and Shield, pun intended AND not intended. If you want to make it through battles the victor, you'll have to know how to handle these larger-than-life encounters. That's why Pokemon.com has shared a new feature chock-full of tips and tricks. Check out a blurb from their feature below, and then click over for the full piece.

Max Moves are some of the strongest attacks in the game. There are several advantages to Max Moves, including that they never miss, regardless of the accuracy of the initial move. As a result, Trainers will sometimes give lower-accuracy moves to Pokémon that they tend to Dynamax to maximize damage output.

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Heh, I wonder if this is a rebuttal to Smogon banning Dynamax and Gigantamax back in December.

Didn't know that there were champions using Gigantamax Butterfree though. I knew that thing had potential, but I wasn't sure if people were actually using it.


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