Borderlands Legendary Collection to run 1080p/30fps on Switch, art assets have not been downgraded, motion controls included

Sounds like a serious package

2K and Gearbox are working with Ture Me Up Games and FrecturedByte to bring the Borderlands Legendary Collection to Switch. Turn Me Up Games has shared some tech specs about the ports, and it seems to be all good news.

According to the devs, the collection is going to run 1080p, and every title is going to be 30 FPS. Even better, the team specifically announced that the art assets have not been downgraded in the porting process. Finally, as the icing on the cake, the Borderlands Legendary Collection will include motion controls specifically built for this release.

Gearbox’s iconic, comedic, Looter-Shooters are back and gorgeous as ever on Nintendo Switch! We worked tireless with 2K and Gearbox to bring these ravenously requested classics to Switch in full 1080p, at 30 FPS and with no downgrading of art assets. On top of that, we included all the trimmings of the GOTY releases — and newly developed motion controls specifically built for this incredible collection.


Bleh. I adore Borderlands but wouldn’t be able to deal with the downgrade. Still a great trio of games for anyone who hasn’t played them.

So glad they will have motion controls! Now hoping Bioshock does the same too

Bioshock with great motion controls would be perfect.

Mon Mar 30 20 11:04am
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So they did a 30FPS downgrade, yet wasted their time on motion control gimmicks? Get out. I’m sick of third parties not bothering to make their games 60FPS like on other systems. I know Borderlands ran at 30 last gen... But that was last gen. The remasters have been everywhere at 60 for eons now. it’s the same shit we went through with Dark Souls, Doom, and Wolf II.

I don’t give a piss if the games look pretty, I’d rather they run the same as the other versions. (kinda why Witcher 3 matching the other console versions, which IIRC were at 30, was good in my book as it made it a pretty spot on port of a game that benefitted) so sick of these porting teams not really caring about that, at least as some sort of option like in Rocket League.

Gyro aiming is a major improvement on dual analog stick. Dual analog stick shooters as they are today are dated and not precise when it comes to shooters. The fact that you need freaking auto aim to make shooters more tolerable is major example. Gyro aiming allows you to take control of your aim and properly line up that shot with better and more satisfying precision. Without gyro you are playing shooters in the most unsatisfying way possible.

I still consider it a lame gimmick since the only time I felt motion controls have made a game more fun were rail shooters, since you can just point your arm around and move the cursor to shoot things super fast, plus they're based off Light Gun games which are pretty much what the Wii Remote can be turned into. But for anything else? Nah, real buttons any day. WWHD/OOT3D added gyro aiming and while it was faster, I still had way more precision and fun lining things up manually and carefully. That's why they made Link's Crossbow Training a rail shooter I feel, since shooting the bow in that game worked MUCH better than in Twilight princess since it was almost entirely on rails and made for it in mind.

Kinda bummed that while Skyward sword had good motion controls for the sword and shield action, it wasn't so hot for the bow or beetle... But yeah, I just do care for motion controls at all unless it's a rail shooter and always turn them off whenever a game adds the option, so it irks me whenever someone spends more time on this gimmick than making the games run as well as on other platforms. That should be a priority for the House of the Dead remasters, not a game like this! There's a reason other consoles don't usually adopt motion controls despite the controllers having them built in.

I do hope we'll see a "Switch 2" where everything runs at 60 fps.
I need Nintendo to keep the hybrid trend for here and beyond.


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