Ninjala "Episode 0 – Ninja-Gum is Born" CG movie released

Now that's some high quality stuff

GungHo is going all-out on promoting Ninjala, as they just released a 10-minute CG movie to introduce players to the game's universe. Check out a full rundown of details for this short below.

Eagle City, Komerica—WNA Research Laboratory Branch.

WNA researchers Burton, Berecca, and Ron continue their tireless efforts to develop “Ninja-Gum”; a mysterious substance that activates latent Ninja DNA in people descended from those legendary mercenary warriors (alt: those legendary mercenaries from days gone by).

Today, all their hard work finally pays off. It is here – on their 2,503rd attempt – that they finally succeed in producing Ninja-Gum!

Burton and Berecca can barely contain their excitement, and waste no time in trying the gum for themselves!

But then…


Burton (voiced by Max Mittelman)
Berecca (voiced by Kailey Snider)
Ron (voiced by Regi Davis)
Narrator (voiced by Andrew Morgado)


Burton (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai)
Berecca (voiced by Akari Kitou)
Ron (voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto)
Narrator (voiced by Kenji Nomura)

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They're definitely not all out of bubble gum.

Dang, that is some quality animation right there. The love they're putting into this game is clear, and I adore the character designs. Wonder how many episodes of this we'll be getting.


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