Animal Crossing: New Horizons player selling designs in-game for real money

What an entrepreneur!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are bending the game to their will in all sorts of interesting ways, and now someone has cooked up a way to make some real-life money on their island.

A Chinese New Horizons player fancies himself quite the designer, and he's willing to offer his services for a bit of cash. The player has set up WeChat Pay and AliPay QR codes in-game that allow players to send him real money in exchange for custom-designed items.

This seems like the sort of thing Nintendo would frown upon, but they're yet to remove the in-game shop. With word spreading, I would imagine it's just a matter of time.


Think that's crazy, someone is legit selling QR codes for nudes. A part of me wonders just how long until Nintendo starts to issue C&Ds to people selling ACNH QR codes.

If he’s selling copyrighted designs they will shut this down real fast.

Eh...people never learn just how serious Nintendo is in general.

I mean if the designs arent copyrighted I dont see how Nintendo could have a case


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