Rivals of Aether's "Rivals of Tether" mode may actually be real

I'm Team Real on this one

April Fools' Day is chock-full of fake game reveals and announcements. That said, there are some devs who pull an extra sneaky trick by showcasing something that's real, even though most of us think it's a joke. That appears to be the case with a new mode revealed today for Rivals of Aether.

The gang behind Rivals of Aether put out a special Rivals Direct presentation today that goes over various tweaks and content coming to the game. Included in that video is the reveal of Rivals of Tether, a new mode that marries Rivals of Aether's core gameplay with Tetherball. Seems too silly to be true, right? Well it might actually be the real deal.

The Tetherball gameplay reveal is preceded by a tongue-in-cheek segment about using motion capture suits for Tetherball in real life, which will provide data for in-game use. That's obviously fake, but is followed by actual gameplay of the Tetherball mode in-game. One of the hosts on this presentation even goes out of his way to say that the mode is real.

This could still turn out to be a very well played prank for April Fools Day, but it honestly seems legit. Give the clip a watch above (2:56 mark) to see the entire exchange.

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Dude...that is actually sick. I'd play it

Seeing the work they put into this video, I don't doubt they would create a whole game mode based off a typo-based joke.


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