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G-Mode announces G-Mode Archives series of Switch eShop releases in Japan

From cell phones to Switch
by rawmeatcowboy
02 April 2020
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G-Mode has announced G-Mode Archives, a new line of releases for the Switch eShop. This series of titles includes select phone releases from G-Mode that will soon be released from phone platforms. A series of four titles has been revealed so far, which you can find below.

G-Mode Archives 01: Flyhight Cloudia

- Release Date: April 16
- Price: 500 yen
- Website: Here

G-Mode Archives 02: Ai to Roudou no Hibi

- Release Date: April 23
- Price: 500 yen
- Website: Here

G-Mode Archives 03: Kururin Cafe

- Release Date: April 30
- Price: 500 yen

G-Mode Archives 04: Beach Volleyball Shizuku

- Release Date: May 7
- Price: 500 yen

You can check out more screens for each game here.